Music That Makes Me Think Of Christmas Time.

Isn’t it funny how certain albums or artists just fit at this time of year?  I don’t know about you guys but when the winter months set in, the Christmas decorations are wheeled out and the port starts to flow I seem to go back time and time again to the same records.  Records that just seem to have an association with this time of year for me.  They just seem to fit.  More importantly they make me happy and add to the whole feel of this time of year. They get me right in the mood for Christmas.  This can often have to do with having received these records as a Christmas present or having bought them around this time of year.  It can also be that they have been played to death at this time of year, over and over, without any real reason other than they just felt right for the mood.  ‘Gold’ by Ryan Adams would be one such record.  In fact, I’m listening to it right now as I write this.  There is just something about this record that results in me playing it every year at this time.  Religiously.  On repeat.  I love the way ‘New York, New York’ warms me up regardless of how cold it is outside. There are of course other records too which always remind me of this time of year, but for now I’m happy with Ryan Adams and I probably will be for the rest of the festive period.  I guess this post may seem a little pointless to some.  But I feel warm writing it.  And that’ll do for me.  Enjoy


11 thoughts on “Music That Makes Me Think Of Christmas Time.

  1. sufjan stevens and the felice bros make me feel christmassy everytime. i think its just that warm glowing sound that makes you feel like you should be sat next to a roaring fire with a distgustingly ugly woolly jumper on.

  2. Euan, I just sprinkle the magical fairy dust of wit and humour wherever it’s needed, like a comedy Tinkerbell..

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