Olafur Arnalds – Found Songs/The Sky May Be Falling……But The Stars Look Good On You.

So this is a slightly different post.  Partly an album reivew.  Partly about a new documentary piece.  First things first though.  Album!

Well, most of you who read this page will know of my love for Olafur Arnalds.  At the start of 2008 I was introduced to his music through his album ‘Eulogy For Evolution’.  It fast became one of my favourite pieces of music by any artist.  I simply love that record.  It’s a beautiful piece of minimalist classical music.  And ever since I heard it, my fascination with such records and the way they are pieced together has exploded.  I have records by Max Richter, Johann Johannsson, Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick, Ludovico Einaudi…….the list goes on.  I have to credit those guys as bigger influences on the Kays Lavelle’s music and the songs I write than anyone other musicians.  I think there is a simplistic piano influence in the kays music for sure.  There has to be.  It’s how I write.  And fundamentally, it’s the brilliance of artists such as Olafur Arnalds that make me want to sit down and just play.  And the boundaries he attempts to break impress me also.  Like his new record ‘Found Songs’.  This is not an astounding record for the brilliance of the music, though that in itself is something quite breathtaking.  No, this is a piece of music that was recorded earlier this year.  Each day, over the course of a week, Olafur Arnalds wrote, recorded and released a song on his website.  He entitled this project ‘Found Songs’ and made the tunes fully downloadable for free.  Given the way this album was created, I think it’s an amazing piece of music.  I mean, a song a day!  And to come out with something as beautiful as LJosio in a day is truly remarkable in my honest opinion.  One song I can maybe comprehend.  But a whole week of stunning pieces of music is something quite mind blowing.  And the album is mind blowing.  Sure, it’s short.  I guess it should be.  It’s one thing to write a song a day, quite another to make these drawn out pieces of music.  I think the nature of the beast required short, sharp fragments of beauty and that’s what we have been presented with here.  Arnalds and his wonderful label Erased Tapes have now taken those songs, packaged them up with the winning photogrpahs (he ran a competition at the time inviting photographers to submit pictures for each song) and released it on limited edition vinyl and cd.  Being the cd whore I am, I bought it even though I have the downloads.  It’s just amazing.  Buy this record.

TSP Grade = A

Next is the new documentary which is showing on youtube at the moment.  I know little about it, other than it follows Olafur Arnalds whilst on tour in Iceland and the UK.  Anyways, all 3 parts are posted below.  Enjoy.


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