Things That I Love Today #12

I love fires. On a day like this I really wish I had one in the flat.


King Creosote – Flick The Vs

Don’t ask me why it’s taken me so long to get around to reviewing this record.  I’ve had it for absolutely ages.  I think one reason was that I forgot to download it onto my itunes and then because of that I never actually got around to listening to it properly.  I think another thing that threw me as well was the first song on the record which, to begin with, I just didn’t like.  I always find it hard when I have loads of other music to listen to to keep persevering with a record that I’m struggling with or that doesn’t start well.  I think that this was one of these records.  Pure and simply I think Kenny Anderson has one of the most instantly wonderful voices I’ve ever heard.   When he sings heartfelt, tales of love, loss and longing nobody does it better, I don’t think.  I’m totally honest about him.  I know very little of his music prior to his first major label release.  I know he released loads of records, I know these records were pretty diverse and a little crazier.  However, the first time I listened properly was when I heard KC Rules OK.  I love that record.  And there is nobody better at singing a song about longing, loss or even hope. 

Flick the Vs is a bit of a shock in this sense.  It’s pretty full on.  Well the pace of it is.  Maybe this is just me but it feels a lot more frantic and full of life than his previous 2 outings.  I don’t know.  It’s hard for me to fully assess how KC is meant to sound.  Given his extensive back catalogue it may well be that this record is far more in keeping with the KC that all the Fence fans know and love.  For me it was a difficult album from the word go.  However, I have warmed to it massively in the past few weeks.  Been listening to it loads and it really is a cracking record.  ‘Coast On By’ is just great and ‘Nothing Rings True’ is dark and lovely.   What I kind of like about this album is that I can imagine a lot of these songs being radio friendly or commerically accessible, yet there is a real awkwardness with this chain of thought and the lyrical content of the music.  His words are always very traditionally Scottish, in my opinion, and I sit thinking,  ‘yeah, this could be on the radio, but who other than a Scot would truly connect with it’.  Probably just my silly little head being silly as is my want.  But I really do get that warmth of traditional Scottish music resonating through his work.  And I love that about this record and, indeed, all his records that I’ve heard.  Absolutely gorgeous music. ‘Curtain Craft’ is one of those songs I was speaking about.  Listen to that voice.  Amazing.  Check him out here.  Enjoy.

TSP Grade = B+/A-