Things That I Love Today #14

What’s not to love about this picture?  Or indeed the wonderful pictures of Ansel Adams.


More Thank Yous

Need to say another thank you to everyone.  To all the bands that played.  To Heidi Kuisma and We Sink Ships for the amazing photography on show.  To the Wee Red Bar.  To Alex Fenton of Fentek Audio.  To all the lovely people who came along and showed support.  And to Glasgow Podcart, for not only making the day that little bit more special, but for their lovely words about it over on their page.  You can read those here.  Anyways, massive thanks to everyone who came along.  For everyone who didn’t you missed one of the best shows I’ve ever been to or put on.  Was a great day of music and one I think that needs to be repeated in December 2010.

Christmas Is A Coming

Well I’ve got 5 proper working days left in 2009.  I have not had a proper 2 week holiday for about 4 years.  So the thought of being off from 18th December until 5th January is a very, very pleasant one indeed.  I say 5 working days are left but in truth it’s 4 working days and then a day of partying.   Our office Christmas party is usually a lot of fun.  We have lunch as a team and then have a (homemade – yikes!!) cocktail party before we head out for more drinks and some drunken stupidity.  Got to be honest.  I’ve not had a proper hangover since Roddy was born and I don’t intend to have one this coming Saturday.  The Christmas period is going to be a busy one of preparing for 2010 in many ways.  A number of things have to happen between me finishing work and starting again.

Firstly, the Kays recording will be all but done by the time work starts again next year.  Hopefully all that will be left is the mixing in January, then we’ll be good to go.  We have the amazing pleasure of having Anna-Lynne from Trespassers William singing backing vocals on a couple of the tracks.  I got one of these tracks back from her yesterday and I am so happy with how it’s sounding.  Cannot wait to hear the other one now!  But yeah, the Kays record will be finally finished.  It’s about time! 

The start of January sees me play my first ever solo show.  I’m quite nervous.  It’s for We Sink Ships and I’m playing with Benni Hemm Hemm and The Second Hand Marching Band.  We’ll see how it pans out but I’m going to try and steer clear of playing a lot of Kays songs and do something a bit more sparse.  Dunno.  I have 2 or 3 weeks to get my finger out and figure out how to use my loop pedal, kaoss pad, drum machine properly!  I’m too lazy.  Time to shape up my ideas!

Christmas time is always a time to relax though.  And I will definitely be trying to do so as much as possible.   I love listening to music at this time of year perhaps more than any other.  Just lying on the sofa and listening to new music.  Nothing beats it.

2010 will also see the first releases on mini50.  Mammoeth’s debut album is due out in spring and hopefully there will be something with Conquering Animal Sound too.  We met yesterday and had a lovely chat over a coffee in a ‘Mos Eisley’ type cafe on Leith Walk.  It was Roddy’s first meeting about music and I think he coped very well.  Once he had some food in his belly he was more than happy to just chew on a spoon.  Sure, he didn’t contribute much to the discussion, but that will come in time I’m sure.  🙂  Anyways, I’m very excited about the possibility of working with Jamie and Anneke.  There performance at the all day Trampoline show on Saturday was pretty breath taking.   I really cannot think of a more interesting and exciting act than these 2 coming through at the moment.  Just brilliant.  Just ask anyone who saw them on Saturday.  For those who missed them.  Shame on you!

Trampoline will hopefully keep plugging away and try to convince students to come along sometime.  I mean £3 to see some of the best bands Scotland has to offer isn’t much now is it?  I was shocked that having flyered the Art College on Friday only about 3 or 4 students turned up.  I’m serious.  Where has the love for music gone??  Come on guys, get yourselves along in 2010.  How To Swim, Over The Wall and Thomas Western – what a great way to start the New Year for Trampoline.  Big thanks again to Dav, Michael and Matthew for their help.

So yeah, going to try and keep the writing and posting going during my holidays.  I’ve really loved writing the blog this year.   Even more so of late.  Seems to be more people reading, more people contributing and hopefully more and more people enjoying it and checking out the stuff I write about.  So thanks.