Things That I Love Today #17


23 thoughts on “Things That I Love Today #17

  1. I am really looking forward to this (and not just because We sink ships is organising it).

    Euan and Benni are playing first and will finish on time for Edinburgh folk to catch the last train back home. So no excuses not to come and show them some love…

    Oh and thanks Bart, I made the poster.

  2. Yeah Edinburgh folk! No excuses. Get through and show me and Benni some support.

    In all seriousness. It’s a great line up. It’s a great cause – We Sink Ships are fabulous. And Bart you’re right, it’s a great poster.

  3. i would really like to be able to stay and see secong hand marching band, it seems to be a bit of a rarety. what time are they expected to finish roughly ( i know these things never go quite to plan). but i think its worth a mad dash to the bus/train station.

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