Merry Christmas!

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to read or contribute to this blog in 2009.  Hope that everyone has a wonderful and peaceful Christmas with best wishes to all for 2010.  Much love.


2010 The Year Of The Rabbit

I’m probably not the only person thinking this, and I’m probably not the only person who will write about this but when talking about artists that will make a serious mark in 2010 I think it’s impossible to ignore Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit.  I was meant to be at the ABC on Tuesday night to see them play a triumphant sold out show, but unfortunately I’ve been pretty sick the past few days and couldn’t make it through.  To say I was gutted is an understatement.  I was devastated.   And reading the review from the Popcop here didn’t make me feel any better about missing what sounds like a brilliant show!  I couldn’t even drown my sorrows because there’s no way the alcohol would have stayed down…..sorry for that!  Anyways,  the bands 3rd record ‘The Winter Of Mixed Drinks’ is due for release in March next year and being the massive fan of the band that I am, I for one cannot wait for its release.  And I genuinely believe that 2010 will be the year that propels the band forward to bigger and better things. 

I remember first seeing them at Cab Vol in Edinburgh supporting the Twilight Sad to a fairly poor and scattered audience.  Indeed, we missed most of their set.  That was mainly due to Graeme our guitarist being involved in the night  – he has a history of making miss support acts!  Anyways, I was blown away by the tunes I did hear and immediately went out and bought ‘Sing The Greys’ which is an utterly brilliant record.  I have to admit, that upon reading the Popcop review I was disappointed to read that there was only 1 song played the other night off this record.  It’s fantastic.  ‘Midnight Organ Fight’ undoubtedly softened the rough edges of the debut and made them more accessible and I am sure the addition of a 5th member and the release of their 3rd record will finally result in FR getting the recognition they so deserve.  I do miss the raw 3 piece that I saw for the first time all those years ago, but there are a number of records coming out in 2010 that I am eager to hear and Frightened Rabbit’s is right there up at the top of the list.  Scottish music is vibrant at the moment and with Frightened Rabbit at the head pushing things forward the focus on Scotland’s music scene in 2010 can only grow and grow.  2010 really is going to be the year of the Rabbit.  Check them out here.  Enjoy.