Please Take A Moment And Check Out Vic Chesnutt

Vic Chesnutt was 45.  This week he committed suicide.  He died on Christmas Day having been in a coma for a week.  He was without doubt one of the most under rated musicians on the planet.  Respected by musicians far and wide he wrote songs that I could connect with.  I don’t know why.  I just could.  I bought his album ‘The Salesman And Bernadette’ when I was at university and I was hooked.  ‘Guilty By Association’ is still one of my all time favourite songs. Madonna, REM, Sparklehorse, Garbage, Lampchop…..they all loved this mans music.  I loved this mans music.  This really is one of the tragic losses of our generation.  It will probably go largely unoticed.  This would be even more tragic.  So please, please, please.  Take a moment and go find the man.  Find his music.  Here.  RIP Vic.  I for one will miss your music always.


2 thoughts on “Please Take A Moment And Check Out Vic Chesnutt

  1. I got ‘Skitter on Take-off’ for Christmas – the last thing he recorded. So hearing the news later that day really had quite an effect on me, as you can imagine.

    What really messed me up was that he’s always represented, in my eyes, a survivor spirit – someone who’s overcome adversity and succeeded despite everything life threw at him.

    But what’s stuck with me is his sense of humour. One of the tracks on the new album features the line:

    “One thing that I will find in my new life/ Is I don’t have to be with no asshole anymore”

    Obviously it’s taken on a whole new meaning now, but it gives some solace.

  2. Could not agree more, both about what he represented and the humour in his lyrics.

    It’s weird, I don’t often get a shock or that affected when artists die. Like the Brittney Murphy thing. Tragic as it is my reaction wasn’t really one of disbelief or shock but when I heard about Vic Chesnutt I was quite upset. I haven’t been this affected since Elliott Smith.

    Also, similar to you I had just ordered one of his records. Has left me quite sad.

    Hopefully more people will check out his music as a result of this post. He does need to be heard.

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