Song Of The Decade

Did anyone see this show last night?  Well it basically counted down the top 20 (I think) tracks that defined the last decade.  I tuned in at about number 4 so stayed up to watch the final 4 be unveiled.  I could have sworn that the song of the decade was going to be ‘Take Me Out’ by Franz Ferdinand.  I think for me, though I don’t own anything they’ve done, nor particularly love them, this tune stands out as a turning point in mainstream music in the UK during the last 10 years.  I think Keane, Starsailor and other such bands were to the fore and what many would describe as “bed wetting” music was in control.  Everything was a much of a muchness and then along came Franz and BAM, music got a giant kick up the backside.  There are bands who shake things up.  Nirvana did it.  Oasis did it.  The Strokes and the White Stripes did it.  And I really believe Franz Ferdinand did it.   So for me, if there is a tune that defines the last 1o years, that stands out, that made a real mark, it was ‘Take Me Out’ by Franz Ferdinand.  No, it was not ‘Sex On Fire’  by the Kings of Leon.  That was number 4.  How the fuck did that feature so high up???  I mean, lets be honest, it was a massive let down after the brilliant singles released off ‘Because Of The Times’, in my honest opinion.  Oh, did somebody put the word SEX in the title.  Oh well then, even if it makes no sense whatsoever, it definitely defines a decade – by being stupid, appealing to everyone who doesn’t like to question what the fuck the band are on about not to mention being a real let down.  If ever there was a record rushed out to cash in on a bands growing success it’s the last KOL record.  Anyways, personal grievances aside, I can’t even remember what was at number 3 in the list!  Number 2 was the Killers with ‘Mr Brightside’.  Again,like KOL, I do think the Killers deserve to be in there, but I would have thought ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ would have been the tune to choose.  I think they chose the band on that one, rather than the song.  And so to the number 1 song.  The song that people of the UK chose as the song that defined the last decade of music.  Snow Patrol ‘Chasing Cars’.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I like Gary Lightbody.  I think he wrote 3 really good Snow Patrol records.  He wrote 2 brilliant records as the Reindeer Section as well.  But then there are the last 2 Snow Patrol albums.  And there is ‘Chasing Cars’.  Since last night I have thought a lot about this.  Do I agree with the choice?  No.  Do I understand the choice?  Yes.  And the simple reason for this would be that the facts are there for all to see.  That song set records in the charts.  That song is probably used more by people at weddings and funerals than any other ever.  Lets face it, that song is everywhere.  With 3 little chords Gary Lightbody went and wrote a tune which will define his career and, according to the British public, a decade of music.  By no means do I think it’s the best song of the last 10 years, it’s not even close, but I do completely understand how it won this award.  ‘Take Me Out’ would have been my choice personally, but I tip my hat to Mr Lightbody (it won’t happen often!) and congratulate him on this achievement.  I can be a right music snob sometimes.  I’ve worked hard on changing that in 2009.  I think the process is complete with this.  Check Snow Patrol out……..ah fuck it, don’t bother, they got bad……..nearly, I was nearly clear of snobbyness.  Oh well.


2 thoughts on “Song Of The Decade

  1. A final point to add to the snow patrol got bad point….

    they now also use song writing teams. The last single that came off the ‘best of’ was a song that was made for gwen stafani and she declined it!!

    i don’t know how long they have been usinf song writers for… i don’t really want to. Or care. But, it is an interesting point in the song/band that is the benchmark for the decade

  2. You see, I didn’t know that.

    But then Attic Lights apparently have stylists, so it really shouldn’t have surprised me now should it?!

    It’s a fucking shame when a guy who could clearly write a good song had to bow down to a team of songwriters. Fucking nonsense.

    Like I said though, I think the show was more about songs that impacted on people rather than quality songs, so I guess it doesn’t matter if Gary Lightbody or Gary Barlow wrote it. Just that people love it.

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