Albums To Look Forward To In 2010

Things kick of pretty quick smart in the New Year as Guillemots front man Fyffe Dangerfield releases his debut solo record ‘Fly Yellow Moon’ on 18 January.  The Guillemots debut ep ‘From The Cliffs’ was absolutely stunning.  Their debut album was a let down in comparison though still really good.  However, things never really clicked on their follow up record and perhaps Dangerfield’s sauree into the solo market is an indication of this.  Having heard the debut single, it sounds like Guillemots, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if he can recapture the quality of that debut EP.

Next up of note on 1st February are the wonderful Midlake.  Their last album ‘The Trials of Vanocupanther is simply brilliant.  I don’t think there are many better to be honest.  And their follow up ‘The Courage Of Others’ is hugely anticipated.  I watched Midlake go from headliners at King Tuts to headliners at ABC within a couple of months.  They are magnificent on record and live and I for one cannot wait for their new record which feels long over due.

Another long overdue record to be released on 8th February is Fionn Regan’s new record ‘The Shadow Of An Empire’.  He is without doubt one of my favourite artists.  His debut album ‘The End Of History’ is a piece of brilliance and I have been waiting for this follow up for what seems like far too long.  Interestingly I once saw him support Midlake at King Tuts and it’s still one of the best gigs I’ve ever been too.  These two artists releasing records within a week of each other is going to be special – not to mention Roddy’s first birthday right after!

The next record I am really looking forward to will be released on 15th February………eeek………and will be by the Unwinding Hours, the new project featuring members of Aereogramme.  The Kays Lavelle have been compared to Aereogramme on a number of occassions.  It’s actually a comparison I don’t mind.  Firstly, because I think they are brilliant.  Secondly, because I never knew who they were until we were compated to them.  They are certainly not an influence on my music though I have fallen in love with what they do and see the connections between the Kays and them.  This new project has been very well spoken of.  It sounds really interesting and I for one cannot wait to hear what’s on offer.

Shearwater release new record ‘The Golden Archipelago’ on 23rd February.  First discovered through Songbytoad, I eagerly anticipate this new record as well.  There is something not too un-Midlake-esque about this group.  I certainly hear a lot of the same ideas on ‘Rooks’ as on ‘Vanocupanther’ so I think it’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

Into March and we’ve got the new Frightened Rabbit record ‘The Winter Of Mixed Drinks’.  You all know how much I am looking forward to this one.  I think they are a top band who will go on to bigger and better things in 2010.  That’s a definite purchase for me.

We can also expect records apparently from Friendly Fire, Radiohead, Portishead, Four Tet,  Crystal Castles, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend and hopefully The National.  So all in all it looks like a good year ahead album wise.

Closer to home we can expect records from The Kays Lavelle (yes, finally!), The Scottish Enlightenment, Conquering Animal Sound, The Last Battle, Meursault, eagleowl (maybe), The Stormy Seas (maybe) and numerous others. 

I really do think 2010 is going to be a year of good albums and great things.


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