Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz

Well firstly I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone reading this a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2010.  I hope this year brings health and happiness to everyone.  For me, it was my 2nd quiet New Year in a row.  Last yearme and my then heavily pregnant wife were in bed by 10pm and didn’t even see the bells.  Last night we at least made it to the bells.  But it’s scary how little I care anymore about being awake to see in the New Year.  I’d quite happily take my cosy bed over a cold street any day of the week!  Anyways, back to business which sees me kick off 2010 by reviewing a record from earlier in 2009.

And this record pure and simply rocks.  I have never owned a lot of Yeah Yeah Yeahs records and I only bought this as a present for my wife this Christmas, thinking it might just be something she’d dig.   And true enough, it’s barely been off the stereo since Christmas Day because both of us have kind of become obsessed by it.  I’ve been a massive fan of Karen O for a long time because I think she’s such an amazing frontwoman and pretty foxy too.  I just never seemed to manage to get into the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  However, having seen their performance at T in the Park this summer something kind of clicked in my brain and told me that they were a band I really should be paying more attention to.  ‘Skeletons’ is simply brilliant.  When they pulled out the pipe band at T in the Park, though completely tacky, it was a stroke of genius in terms of popularity with the Scottish neds.    However, bizarrely, though that gimmick left me a little cold at the time, the track on the record would really benefit from those pipes!  It’s a great track and this record is packed with good tunes.  ‘Zero’ is a standout for sure and there are a number of tunes that DJs everywhere must love to play to get the dancefloor moving.  But it’s the quieter moments that I have been most impressed with on this record.  ‘Skeletons’ really is sublime.  Subtle in its instrumentation it builds so beautifully and effortlessly to its climax.  Had I heard this record earlier in 2009 would it have made my top 10 list?  Maybe.  It’s really rather good and has been most enjoyable listening material over the Christmas period. It’s certainly fueled my interest in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs thats’s for sure.  And I would recommend it to anyone who just likes to turn their stereo up loud and jump around the room. You can check the band out here.  Enjoy. 

TSP Grade = B+/A-