Tom Waits – Glitter And Doom Live

I’m not going to grade this record.  I’m sorry Dav, I’m just not.  And I’ll tell you why.  Because for me this record is much, much more than a simple collection of live songs on a cd.  It’s a moment of my life I will never forget.  Sure, the songs are taken from various nights of the Glitter and Doom tour, not just Edinburgh, but what this record does everytime I listen to it is transport me back to that night in 2008.  It was much more than a gig.  It was a homeage.  A journey.  The experience of a lifetime.  As I’m sure anyone who was lucky enough to attend either night will testify to.  I will never forget us; Me, Matthew, my wife, Chutters and many more all being gathered in Joseph Pearce pre-show, running a sweep stake to guess the set list with the winner being the person to guess most tracks played during the show.  I will never forget the half hour wait after show time for Tom Waits to appear.  And I will never, ever forget the most amazing gig/performance I’ve ever been to in my life.  Let’s remember that he had not played Scotland for nearly 30 years and turning 60, if he sticks by that approach, he may never play Scotland ever again.  But if he does, believe me, I will spend the money to be there again because that night was quite simply one of the best musical experiences ever.  So this record, well it’s great but for more than being a good live recording, for being something I can treasure forever and say to Roddy, I saw him on that tour.  He is my musical hero and I was there.  So there is no grade for this record.  Because what this record represents to me is priceless.  A treasured memory.  A moment I’ll hold onto forever.  And a permanent reminder of that wonderful, wonderful night.


5 thoughts on “Tom Waits – Glitter And Doom Live

  1. Wasn’t it 2008?

    I heard this album in Melbourne and whilst it’s a bloody good album I do think that Waits voice seems a little forced sometimes, it might just be the mix of the record but I think it’s pushed to high up compared with the actual gig.

  2. Yes, having him as a dad would be pretty cool. You’d get to be in his band. His son Casey was his drummer that night. And a rather excellent drummer too. Roddy’s getting a drum kit next xmas.

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