Kays Make Two More Start Of Year Lists

Big thanks to both Jim Connick over at Ayetunes and to the guys over at Glasgow Podcart who have both decided that The Kays are ones to watch out for in 2010.  I really am not used to this.  Nobody’s ever paid attention to us.  It’s a weird feeling.  A nice feeling.  A warm fuzzy feeling.  Like all our hard work is finally paying off.    Yes, Halina is our manager, so many will say it was obvious that she’d choose us.  But I chose Conquering Animal Sound and the Last Battle for my list, both of whom I am hoping to work with on mini50 in 2010.  So it’s completely acceptable that she’s chosen us.  Maybe it wasn’t her.  Maybe it was one of the others.  Or all of them.  I don’t know.  But I’m chuffed to bits that we’ve made another 2 lists.  Now just to make sure we don’t let anyone down or disappoint!!   Anyways, thanks guys.  You are great.


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