We Sink Ships On Radio Magnetic

So most of you already know that We Sink Ships are amazing.  I have so much respect for both Heidi Kuisma and Neil Stephen Milton.  Their work as photographers is just incredible.  The exhibitions on their website are always beautiful with some of the most fantastic images by them and other photographers.  On top of everything Neil and Heidi are two of the loveliest people I know.  Absolutely wonderful to work with and always willing to help both of them have been involved with something I’m up to of late.  Heidi and I have been working on a music/photography project whilst Neil has kindly agreed to score some music for my solo EP once I’ve got the tunes down.  They are great to work with and very inspiring people.  They also have pretty amazing taste in music so it is with great pleasure that I can tell you all that these guys have a new podcast starting on a weekly basis on Radio Magnetic and cannot recommend enough that you check this show out.  We Sink Ships will be online every Tuesday.  I cannot describe it better than them so I will let them do the talking.  All I will say is make sure that you tune in every Tuesday because these guys are great and the music on offer is special.  And check them out here.  Enjoy:

“We Sink Ships Radio launched in January 2010 and is a weekly podcast hosted on Radio Magnetic , an online radio station dedicated to quality, underground, independent, alternative music and one of the UK’s top five internet radio stations since it began in early 2001.

Each month four shows loosely combine to form one episode. Every Tuesday We Sink Ships will bring you a little bit of chat and some music beginning with a feature on something they love – a band, a label, an artist, a gallery or a venue and then Neil will play out with 45 minutes of electro-disco-wonk-pop.  The following Tuesday We Sink Ships will invite a guest DJ to record a set which will be preceded by an introduction to and a chat with the guest. On the 3rd Tuesday of the month, Heidi will take her turn to play some music but not before they have discussed a monthly Nick-Hornby-esque top 5. Finishing off the month, Tuesday number four will be something a little different; with the imminent return of Neil’s too many fireworks record label, We Sink Ships are presenting the Too Many Fireworks podcast, featuring music from the label, past and present, plus Neil’s latest ambient, minimalist or alternative-classical favourites”


Things That I Love Today #28

And the quote from the police has to be one of the best things I’ve ever read:

“…the vast majority of people have the good sense not to take their vehicles on to frozen waterways”