Things That I Love Today #31


Danny Norbury – Light In August

Danny Norbury is a cellist by trade.  This much is obvious on this lovely piece of modern classical music.  Cello is the prominent instrument throughout and is complimented beautifully by other string instruments and piano.  I must admit that I find reviewing classical music quite tricky, given my time away from the genre and the specialist nature of the music.  It’s probably why I’ve chosen not to give the albums I review this week any grades as though it’s the type of music which most heavily influences my own song writing, it’s not something I feel truly qualified to critique, if I’m perfectly honest.  I guess the best, and only way, I can really describe these sort of records is through the emotions that they stir within me.

I was listening to this particular piece on the bus this morning.  It’s a lovely sunny day here in Edinburgh but it’s retained a cold chill in the air that winter brought with it.  It’s damp today, but there’s still that chill in the air.  If that makes sense?   Anyways, I have noticed that I lose myself in this type of music.  Today, sitting on the top deck of the bus on the way to work I lost myself staring out the window at the blue skies over the Edinburgh Crags.  It was the perfect scene.  The perfect moment for this music to get inside my head.  This record just takes me far away from wherever I am.  I lose track of time.  I lose track of everything going on around me.  I just drift into another world.  A world where I feel like I’m floating above my own existence, staring back in on myself.

It’s hard to put into words, but this record just makes sense to me.  Every note.  Every moment.  Important. I feel like I need to listen to this record over and over and over.  Let it seep into every pore.  It’s stunning.  It really is.  It lingers in your brain.  Each subtle piano note delicately sprinkled beautifully throughout.  Each lush cello piece.  Sweeping strings.  Lifting me away from the lethargy I feel today and into a place where all I know is happiness and calm.  This record is my salvation today.  A hiding place from reality.  And it’s a gorgeous place to be.  I don’t want to take my earphones out.  I really don’t.  You can check out Danny Norbury here.  Please make sure you do.  Enjoy.