Boduf Songs – How Shadows Chase The Balance

First off, the good news for Michael in particular is that this record does not fall into the category “modern classical”. 

Boduf Songs is the name used by Southampton based musician Mat Sweet.  This is not his first record and it is a 2008 release, but it’s new to me and so I’ve decided to review it all the same.  I don’t think he has a label either so it’s unlikely that this record received the wide media attention that it deserves.  Hopefully this will open him up to a few more people and spread the word.

Anyways, the album starts with the lyrics “All my heros died on the same day.  All of them fallen away.”  It’s a pretty bleak introduction to an artist that I was promised I’d love.  It was quite a bleak way to start my journey home from Paisley on a Saturday night.  And it’s quite a bleak record full stop.  But I do love it, that much is for sure.  If you don’t like your music bleak and brooding then this is really not for you.  It’s as dark a record as I’ve heard in quite sometime dealing with issues such as death, depression, fear, hatred and alienation.  I’m not a fan of tagging artists in genres.  In fact, I hate genres all together.  If I ever owned a music stored I’d just put everything in A-Z form.  Anyways, I digress.  This has been branded folk music and I guess it retains folk sensibilities.  It’s dark as hell though so don’t go into this record looking for something uplifting.  It’s not a summer’s day record so now might be the perfect time of year to give it a spin.  Anyways,  there is something really lovely and unassuming about this record.  Recorded in his bedroom and mostly during the night, it evokes real issues of human frailty and delivers them in a fashion which is both powerful and delicate at the same time.  The lovely use of instrumentation, banjo for example, adds an extra dimension to the tunes making album closer ‘Last Glimmer On A Hill At Dusk’ quie stunning.  Sure, this record might not be the happiest affair but it still manages to create beauty through the darkness.  Give it a spin.  Check out Boduf Songs here.  Enjoy.


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