Library Tapes – Fragment

Library Tapes is a name that Fraser from Small Town Boredom has been harping on at me about for a long time.  I remember this always because from the first time I heard it I have absolutely loved that name for a band.   Library Tapes.  I know exactly what to expect from that name.  I knew before I heard them that their music was going to be right up my street.

Hailing from Sweden David Wenngren has produced a record of, erm, ‘fragments’ which piece together to form a beautiful whole.  It’s by no means a long record.  In fact, it is actually very short.  8 tracks, gone in an instant.  There is a real simplicity to the music of Library Tapes.  It’s weird, listening to it, I can imagine Wenngren writing some of the pieces very quickly.  Sometimes, it feels like not a lot happens.  Surely it can’t be that easy?  And it most definitely is not that easy.  Creating something so simple is actually very tricky because the simplicity of the music has got to be enough to hold the attention of the listener.  On this record, helped by the wonderful Peter Broderick and Slyvain Chauveau, Wenngren has created something that really does grab the attention from the beginning and retain it until the end.  Perhaps the beauty of the record is the duration.  Not too long.  Never dull.  Short, sharp pieces of music, like the title suggests, which sparkle on their own then mould together to create this delicate and atmospheric record.  I don’t think I’d class this record as modern classical though.  There are elements of classical music involved, for sure, but the over-riding feel is one of ambiance.  Creating sounds that drift around you, dispersing as quickly as they arrive.  Definitely one to be played on repeat.  And one to played with a glass of red wine late in the evening.  Lovely stuff.  You can check out Library Tapes here.  Enjoy.


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