Things That I Love Today #36

I forget how good this band are.  Never forget seeing them at Barrowlands.  Amazing.


February Releases

It really is a bad month to be broke.  There are a number of great albums coming out in February that I want to get my hands on but in reality will have to wait until March or later to buy.  It’s become a real fact of life recently but pay day comes along and the money that goes into my account just gets sucked straight back out by various things.  The cost of a baby.  The cost of owning a flat.  The cost of recording an album.  In February and March you can add the cost of friends stag do’s.  Money comes in and then money goes out.  In the blink of an eye I go from having lots of cash to having no cash.  And I’m going to have to get used to this feeling on a monthly basis for a while.  It’s ok though.  I’m not complaining.  I guess I’m just disappointed that I will have to wait to buy the records released in February.  I could always buy Roddy a present of the new Midlake record on Monday?  I think he’d like that.

Anyways, my priority, without a shadow of a doubt, is the new Fionn Regan record due to be released on the 8th.  His debut record ‘The End Of History’ is one of my favourite records.  It’s brilliant.   A lovely record drenched in Irish folkyness.  Lyrically, Regan is a master of his trade.  Lyrics can make a song or record.  Just think of the brilliance of Withered Hand’s lyrics on debut album ‘Good News’.  Well, Fionn Regan has always had that same magic in his words.  Far from the same style, but the same impact lyrically.  He draws you into his world and he holds you there until his last breath.  It’s a skill not many people have.  He’s a bit of a poet really, and poetry is something I’ve been getting more and more into of late.  My friend Fraser lent me a book of poems by American artist Patrick Porter and I’ve been reading it constantly since.  I love the way words work together.  It’s fascinating.  Anyways,  so yes, I will buy Fionn Regan’s new album when it’s released on 8th.  However, the others will have to wait I guess.  Which sucks, because the others include artists such as Midlake, The Unwinding Hours, Nils Frahm (I own this digitally but not physically), Errors, and The Album Leaf, to name a few.  So yes, February is a good  month for music but most of this music I will have to wait to own.  At least until next pay day.  Although even then that might be a struggle unless it’s all for Roddy.

Check out Fionn Regan here.  Enjoy.

Free Sampler

So it’s been a quiet week for me in terms of posting on the blog.  I think after my flurry of posts of modern classical albums I just needed a wee break.  Been a bit ill as well with a stupid chesty cold so the desire to sit in front of a bright computer screen after a day of sitting infront of a bright computer screen has not appealed.

However, I thought I would post this morning to let you all know that my debut solo EP to be entitled ‘Memorials’ will be released on Too Many Fireworks later in the year.  If you go here you can download a free label sample of new stuff and old stuff.  On it you will find the beginnings of ‘December’ a track off the EP.  It’s in a pretty raw form.  Just me an piano.  Whilst there won’t be much more added to it, there will be bits and pieces, the idea was that the sampler would have it in its rawest form.  So do pop along and get your free music.  When the EP is finished it will be a digital release only as Too Many Fireworks do not do physical releases.

In Kays news you can also expect a digital download single in the very near future.  Mixing is well under way and our lead of single ‘the hours’ will be available as a free digital download from various sources.  Keep an eye out on this page for more  news of how you can get your first taste of the Kays record.

For now, I’m going to stare at a computer screen for the day, then head off home to do as little as possible all weekend.  8.30 on Sunday morning for Andy Murray in the Oz Open final.  Come on Andy.