Something For The Weekend

Well that was a nice weekend.  Friday night involved a couple bottles of red wine and the excellent box set of The Company.  Featuring Michael Keaton, Alfred Molina and Chris O’ Donnell, this show focuses on the cold war between the Soviet Union and the USA.  It’s a 3 part series based in Berlin, Budapest and Cuba and explores the USA’s and in particular the CIA’s battle against Communism and the KGB.  It’s brilliant.  For any box set lovers out there, and I know there are plenty of you, I’d highly recommend this show.

Saturday involved, well, not very much to be honest.  Bit of football manager.  Fiorentina all the way.  Bit of reading – a very interesting book on the Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran called ‘Hands of Stone’.  I love reading, and people know I love to read to the point that I have far too many books for the amount of time I actually have to sit down and read.  My brother bought me this book for my 29th birthday and I’m only getting round to it now.  I love to read about people.  About their lives.  So whilst I’m not a massive boxing fan, this book is a really good read about a fascinating individual.  I’m also heavily involved in a book of poems by American artist Patrick Porter at the moment which is quite inspiring.

Sunday started with the tennis.  Disappointing result but not sure what you can do when Federer plays like that.  He’s a bit special when he plays at that level.  I’m sure Andy Murray will bounce back from the defeat and I have a feeling he’ll win either Wimbledon or US Open this year.  Fingers crossed.  The afternoon involved watching Man United v Arsenal, which was a cracking game of football.  Given how crap Man United have been of late I was impressed by the way they played.  Slightly stunned that the donkey Nani was so influential though.  Perhaps the threat of being sold in January had an impact?  I don’t know.  But 3 quality goals and an all round solid performance – even from Wes Brown and Jonny Evans!  Thing is, I grew up as a Man U fan.  Not because I’m a glory hunter, before anyone says anything, because I liked them before they were successful, when Ron Atkinson was manager. Simply because of Mark Hughes.  He was my sporting hero.  Well, him and Marco Van Basten.  Anyways, I liked him as a player more than the club, to the point that when he left for Barcelona I stopped following them.  When he returned I started again.  And I’ve always followed them since.  Probably driven by the fact that Roy Keane took up Mark Hughes mantel as my favourite footballer.  Problem now is that I really don’t like too many of their players.  I like Evra and Vidic.  I like Fletcher.  I like Park.  And I like Rooney.  And of course I like Giggs and Scholes.  But I can’t stand Ferdinand.  I can’t stand Gary Neville.  I can’t stand Nani.  Anyways, enough football chat.  Let’s just leave it on the fact it was a very good game of football.

Sunday night I headed up to the GRV for Sick Kids Sunday 2.  Big credit must go to Martin and his crew for putting together such a fantastic line up for such a worthy cause.  I missed most of the afternoon session but managed to catch Broken Records acoustic-ish set, Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers, Sparrow and the Workshop and Meursault.  So I must not complain.  Was a very enjoyable evening of music and catching up with people that I see very little of these days since I never get to gigs anymore.  Really good to catch up with the Woodenbox boys, been a long time, and they were all on form.  Anyways, was an excellent evening of music and I personally thought Sparrow and the Workshop were outstanding last night.  They just seem to get better and better.  It was weird listening to them last night.  I was just standing there loving it and thinking that their music would be perfect in a Quentin Tarintino movie.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing, or just a weird little Euanism.  However, I thought they were splendid and just get better every time I see them.  Looking forward to the album this year big time now.  Broken Records set was also most enjoyable.  It’s lovely to hear songs you know so well played in a more stripped back fashion.  I’m sure that their second album, whenever it drops, will shut the doubters up.  Not that they have anything to prove, but I think they will.  I can feel it in my bones.   Like I said, the biggest credit must go to the organisers for putting together such a strong line up and getting the people through the door to support such a worthy cause.  Much respect guys.

So yeah, a good weekend all round.  Now back to the daily grind of work and trying to get the Kays album ready for a May release.