The Hours by The Kays Lavelle

The debut single ‘The Hours’ by The Kays Lavelle will be available to download for FREE!!!! Yes, FREE!!!!!!!  From Wiseblood’s website as of Monday 15th February.  It will also be on the Kays myspace as a download as well.  We’re giving this track away.  Hope people like it.  The debut album ‘Be Still This Gentle Morning’, featuring this track, will be available from 17th May.

Massive thank you to Richard Knox of Glissando for the wonderful artwork for the track.


More Kays News

Ok so some more information for people about the Kays.  We have been confirmed to play the Hinterland Festival in Glasgow on April 3rd.  The line up is looking pretty sweet.  No final details as yet, but we will be playing at some point on 3rd.  So do put it in your diaries and come along.  I was going to put up the poster but it’s being a dick.  So you can check out the full line up here.

eagleowl, Hailey Beavis and The Stormy Seas, Leith Tape Clube, Thursday 12th February 2009.

The Leith Tape Club is a fantastic little night made even more special by being in Leith, at a venue 2 minutes from my flat.  Alan Oates has been running these nights for quite some time now at the Iso Lounge and they are becoming increasingly popular as a place to check out artists in a more stripped back form.  The Iso Bar/ Lounge has changed managment of late.  I do hope that the new owners have the vision and sense to keep such a popular and well run music night going.  Time will tell.  But on the basis of last night they’d be crazy not to. 

The venue was sold out.  Don’t get too excited.  It doesn’t take much.  30 people and the place is hoaching.  But it’s lovely when it gets like that and the people who attend are genuinely there to listen to music, which makes the nights even more enjoyable.

Anyways, first up were local lads The Stormy Seas.  Many of you who have seen these guys live performances will know the raw energy of the band.  They are raucous, energetic, sometimes frantic, always fun.  So in this more stripped back, acoustic performance what strikes me most is the wonderful interplay of the 3 vocals, which I guess can sometimes get lost when the full band play.  Michael Tovey’s voice is up there with King Creosote in terms of  male voices that I rate.  What’s great about this set tonight though is that the other two members of the SS (haha – sorry, couldn’t resist that guys!) William and Dav’s voices are the perfect compliment to Michael.  Hearing them play some downbeat numbers just emphasises what good songwriters they actually are.  It will be interesting to see if, having been involved in this night, they themselves look to throw more stripped back numbers into full band performances.  I certainly hope so, cause on this evidence they are pretty damn good at them.

Hailey Beavis was not somebody I knew anything about before tonight.  I enjoyed her set but that’s about all I can say really.  It was nice and all.  Just not really my bag.  A lovely voice and some good songs.  It didn’t offend me in any way.  It just didn’t set my night on fire.  Still, for a solo performer to get that sort of audience attention is a lovely thing to see, which is what makes the Tape Club so special in my eyes.

eagleowl.  God.  There’s nothing more to say about them really is there.  I’ve always loved eagleowl.  I think what fascinates me most about them now is how they have developed as songwriters.  I think Bart mentioned in his TSP interview that the newer songs have more of a focus on his and Clarissa’s vocals, whilst the older songs are perhaps more instrumental in nature and based more around violin melodies.  It’s a really interesting one because I genuinely think their newer songs are stronger but when they strike up some of their older numbers I still long for those 3 song, 30 minute sets of old.  A wonderful band who deserve all the attention they get in 2010 and beyond.

So all in all a pretty good night of music.  Shit sleep though as Roddy seems to be teething again.  So I’m pretty tired today.  But also excited as it’s Fionn Regan at King Tuts tomorrow.  Roll on Saturday!

Oh and do check out all the artists above if you don’t know anything about them.  Enjoy.

Free Glissando Goodies

Pic: pretty sure it’s by Heidi Kuisma.

There are many great things I could write about the Union Chapel.  It looks like one of the most beautiful venues to play.  Being able to say that my friends Glissando played there not that long ago is a pretty great thing to be able to say in itself.  As is the fact that they are now giving away the live recording from their show at the venue.  And you can download this little treat right here.  Rich and Elly are currently working on the follow up to highly successful debut record ‘With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards The Burning Sea’.  The new record is expected to be released later this year and I for one cannot wait.  The guys are also supporting wonderful Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson at his shows in Leeds and Coventry at the end of May.  And I am going to try and get down there for those shows because I think Johann Johannsson is magic and, since he’s not coming north I will make the effort to get down there.  So if Glissando do play any new songs at this show you can expect to read about them on this blog prior to the album being released.  It’s a good year for music that I love being released.  And I do love a bit of Glissando.  Hope you do to.  Enjoy.