Free Glissando Goodies

Pic: pretty sure it’s by Heidi Kuisma.

There are many great things I could write about the Union Chapel.  It looks like one of the most beautiful venues to play.  Being able to say that my friends Glissando played there not that long ago is a pretty great thing to be able to say in itself.  As is the fact that they are now giving away the live recording from their show at the venue.  And you can download this little treat right here.  Rich and Elly are currently working on the follow up to highly successful debut record ‘With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards The Burning Sea’.  The new record is expected to be released later this year and I for one cannot wait.  The guys are also supporting wonderful Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson at his shows in Leeds and Coventry at the end of May.  And I am going to try and get down there for those shows because I think Johann Johannsson is magic and, since he’s not coming north I will make the effort to get down there.  So if Glissando do play any new songs at this show you can expect to read about them on this blog prior to the album being released.  It’s a good year for music that I love being released.  And I do love a bit of Glissando.  Hope you do to.  Enjoy.


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