A Glass Of Scotch

The Hours has been included in a lovely little collection of tunes by Scottish artists over at Have Fun At Dinner blogspot.  A massive thank you to Ian for including us in this compilation along with some magic artists.  I don’t think you can argue about being able to download this little gem of a mix for nothing now can you?  Go and do it now and check out some of Scotland’s hottest artists.  Totally honoured to be a part of this.  The full track listing is:

Spaghetti Adventure- Super Special

Meursault – The Furnace

The Last Battle- Oh Best Beloved

Mitchell Museum- Tiger Heartbeat

How To Swim- Diego

The Kays Lavelle – The Hours

Copy Haho- Pulling Push Ups

Julia and the Doogans – New York City

The French Wives- Your Friends and Mine

Randolph’s Leap  – Cassie O’Tone

eagleowl- Laughter

Debutant- Thirst

Ambulances  – Cease To Exist (Steven Mason Remix)

King Post Kitsch- Fante’s Last Stand

Incrediboy and The Forget Me Nots- Cinderella

Miniature Dinosaurs  – (I Want To Watch) Top Gear

The French Quarter – Time To Leave

You can download the whole thing here.  Enjoy.


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