Kays Live Shows Announced

So we’ve had a pretty amazing week so far Kays wise.  The early write ups of ‘the hours’ have been amazing and have left us all a little bit stunned.  Not that we don’t believe in ourselves, just that you never know how people are going to react to your music.  It’s a nice feeling to read such kind words.  Now need to make sure we follow up the single with an album that people will enjoy.

In the meantime, we’re back on the gig trail at the end of February and March.  On 26th February we are playing the Queen Charlotte Rooms in Leith with White Heath for Leith FM.  It’s going to be a really good night of music and it’s all in aid of raising money for the Leith Festival, which can’t be a bad thing.  Do come along.  If you don’t know where the Queen Charlotte Rooms are, well they are between Compass and Leith Links on Queen Charlotte Street.

On 26th March, we’re going to be playing the Roxy Art House in Edinburgh.  It’s a very exciting show for us.  It’s being run by our label Wiseblood Industries and as well as ourselves will feature other Wiseblood artists Burnt Island and Jamie Sturrock as well as a very special spoken word performance by Alan Bisset of his wonderful film ‘The Shutdown’.  Adam Stafford, of Y’all Is Fantasy Island, who directed the film will provide musical accompaniment to the film and Alan’s words.  It should be a really special night of music and it’s one I’d encourage you not to miss.   If you have never read any of Alan’s work I’d also you encourage you to do so now.  His latest novel ‘Death of a Ladies Man’ is an excellent book and in it he supports and namechecks a number of local Scottish musicians.  Check him out.  And do come along on 26th March.


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