Last Year’s Girl and Hinterland 2010

Lisa Marie Ferla is a lovely girl.  Not only did she write a lovely review of my solo show at 13th Note in January, she’s now followed it up on her blog here with some more quite lovely words about the hours.  This has been a really amazing week Kays wise.  I never for the life of me expected the reaction that the song has received so far in the blogosphere.  It’s been pretty humbling.  I’m delighted people like it though.  Makes it feel like all the hard work and slog has been worth it.

The other great thing that happened this week was that The Kays have been confirmed for the Hinterland Festival in Glasgow which features some magic artists like Jeffrey Lewis, The Wave Pictures and British Sea Power as well as a great collection of local artists.  And I believe it’s all condensed into the 1 day this year and the venues are in close proximity to each other to make it easier to catch all the bands you want to see.  Anyways, there’s an early bird scheme running so if you are keen to get your ticket cheaper then you can go here and buy it now.  We’re really looking forward to playing and being part of it all, that’s for sure.


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