Ink Me

I read a fabulous article today.  For those of you who are completely incapable of clicking on links and would rather I just give a quick run down on the article, basically there’s a bloke from near Dundee who has decided that he wanted to raise money for the Haiti disaster. Great.  Much respect.  So far so good.   He decided that he’d get a tattoo.  Again, this is no big deal either really, though I immediately started to wonder how getting a tattoo would raise any money for charity, let alone £25,000 for Haiti.  Well the answer is simple really.  His idea was to set up a website and for a small donation anyone can enter their name into his competition.  I think it’s just over a pound to enter.  For example, The Steinberg Principle could enter.  You see, this lad has decided that once he’s raised the £25,000 target he will draw a name from the hat randomly and the name that wins, he will have tattooed onto his body!  He will then post lots and lots of pictures of this on a regular basis providing large amounts of publicity for the winner.  So lets say Tesco win.  Or Starbucks.   Or some other multi national corporation.  This lad is going to have their name tattooed on his body for life.  And he doesn’t even like tattoo’s!

Lets get something straight.  I love tattoos.  I always have.  I wanted one from the age of about 15 but I waited until I was 29.  I guess the reason for this was that I never knew what I wanted.  I spent a lot of time thinking about it but knew that when I eventually bit the bullet there would be no turning back.  It’s not something to take lightly.  It’s permanent body art so it should be special and mean something, like all art should.  So, to read that this guy is willing to walk about with a company’s name branded on his body for the rest of his life is quite amazing.  I actually have a lot of respect for him.  His comment that he won’t regret it as it will always remind him of what he did is really admirable.  I can’t ever imagine having to take my shirt of, say to go swimming, and walking into the pool with TESCO emblazoned across my back.  I can imagine the looks and the reaction to something like that.  It wouldn’t always be pretty of that I’m sure.  Walking about with a multi national’s name on your body really wouldn’t be a good feeling would it? 

Don’t get me wrong, I think this is an interesting and original idea for raising money for charity but I think I’d stick to shaving my head or running a marathon or something similar.  At least my hair would grow back and my bones/muscles would recover from the pain.  Mind you, I am tempted to enter The Steinberg Principle in this contest.  Most people don’t understand what that is anyways, so it’d be funny to see the guy trying to explain what it is and why he has it on his body. 

Anyways, if you want some publicity for your business then this seems like a fun and charitable way to achieve it.  The odds are only about 25000/1 that you’ll win.  Good luck.  You can enter the competition here.