The Unwinding Hours

I’m going to make a bold statement.  I’m really not one for making bold statements usually.  But in this instance I’m going to make an exception.  And the statement is:  this record is by far and away my favourite record by a Scottish artist for as long as I can remember.  This record is simply stunning.  Not many records move me in the way that this record does.  When The Unwinding Hours unleash the noise they do so in such a wonderfully explosive and creative way.  When they strip it back to pure, simple song writing, like on the stunning ‘There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone’ and ‘Solstice’, this band are as good as anyone I can think of.  I’ve listened to this over and over and over since I got my hands on it.  I’ve been moved to tears actually.  It’s that good. 

Aereogramme were never a band that I got into until later, after they split.  I love them, but in a ‘I’m a bit late for the party but I’m still going to enjoy this’ sort of way.  Their last album is a lovely record but this record blows it apart in terms of quality and maturity in my opinion.  It sounds like the time away allowed Craig B and Iain Cook to find themselves as song writers.  This record sounds like an artist who has had time to reflect on what once was and has come back stronger for their experience.  I heard Vic Galloway say on Glasgow Podcart that not everyone instantly writes a stunning album.  In fact, few do. Well Craig B and Iain Cook have, without a doubt, produced something quite stunning with this album and that’s 9 years after they first wrote a record.  I have to keep catching my breath as I listen to it.  From the first notes of ‘Knut’ to the last note of the quite mind blowingly amazing ‘The Final Act’ this record oozes class.  It’s song writing at its finest.  It’s arrangement at its finest.  It’s music at its finest.  If this is not on my top ten list for 2010 I’ll eat my hat.  But I’ll make an even bolder statement right now.  If it’s not on my top 10 of 2010- 2020 I’ll be in shock.  For this record has left me stunned. 

I’m not saying that everyone will agree with me.  But this is what music is all about for me.  This is the kind of music I love to immerse myself in.  Simply wonderful.  You can check them out here.  Enjoy.