mini50 presents “Best of Trampoline Volume 1”

So I’ve been working on this for what seems like ages now!  I guess the nature of it has meant that it’s taken a little longer than I would have liked to get it all pieced together.  Some artists, mainly the ones who work at home, record at home and mix at home, were able to get me a track at very short notice.  Some were very quick with their submissions.  Others are yet to submit.  But for the most part, I know the tracks and have the tracks that will be released.  It’s really nice.  I always wanted this to be something a bit different to the usual mix cds.  I wanted the artists to give me a track that had not been used elsewhere.  This has been approached in a variety of different ways.  Some have written songs specifically for the cd.  Some have provided live tracks taken from shows they did in 2009.  Some have provided demo’s of tracks which may feature on a later release and some have provided remixes of tracks either released or due for future release.  It’s all very nice indeed.  So, the track listing, in order is:

1. The Japanese War Effort – Cradle Snatcher.

2. Little Pebble – Ghosts

3. Andy Tucker – True Love

4. Adam Stafford – Police No Speak

5. White Heath – So

6. Randan Dicotheque – Old & Grey

7. Cancel The Astronauts – Fanclub (remix)

8. Rob St John – Domino (live at the Retreat Festival)

9. eagleowl – Laughter (live at Homegame 2009)

10. Small Town Boredom – Polaroids For The Coming Winter

11. GLISSANDO – The World Without Us (Strings & Vocals)

12. Jonnie Common – Shogun (live at Trampoline)

13. Debutant  – Means To An End

14. The Stormy Seas – The Dancer

15. Esperi – Snowman

16. Mammoeth – I’m Glad That I Died Today

17.  Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers – I Won’t Go

I’m hopeful this will not be the only Best Of Trampoline.  I have plans for a second Volume, but that will be somewhere down the line.  I’m thinking at the moment that these cds will be available from the online shop once it’s set up and indeed at Trampoline shows.  They’re not going to cost much. £3 or something.  Just enough to cover the costs of producing them I reckon.  As always, it’s about promoting the wonderful artists that have played our shows.  Anyways the Best Of Trampoline Volume 1 will be available very shortly.

Does Anyone Want to Headline March Trampoline???

How sad is this?  I never thought it would come to this but I’ve been struggling so much to get hold of an artist who would be up for headlining the Trampoline 3rd birthday show.  It’s been a bit of a nightmare to be perfectly honest and I’m kind of past caring anymore.  I’ve asked so many people, all of whom were willing to do it, but none of whom could actually do it.  The list is long.  And it’s got me down if I’m honest.  I really can’t be bothered trying.  Just when you think you’ve finally managed to sort something out, a drummer not being avaialable, an imminent tour, a gig the week before,  a failure to bother responding to the request, get in the way and it’s back to sqaure one!  So yeah, just putting it out there to the masses.  We’ve got the wonderful The Last Battle and The Lotus Project down to play.  Suggestions for headliners please.  On a postcard.  And by postcard I mean in the comments box at the bottom of this article!  Remember it’s the birthday show, so I am looking for somebody to sell the gig.  Oh, and it’s Saturday 27th March….just in case you’re wondering.