Does Anyone Want to Headline March Trampoline???

How sad is this?  I never thought it would come to this but I’ve been struggling so much to get hold of an artist who would be up for headlining the Trampoline 3rd birthday show.  It’s been a bit of a nightmare to be perfectly honest and I’m kind of past caring anymore.  I’ve asked so many people, all of whom were willing to do it, but none of whom could actually do it.  The list is long.  And it’s got me down if I’m honest.  I really can’t be bothered trying.  Just when you think you’ve finally managed to sort something out, a drummer not being avaialable, an imminent tour, a gig the week before,  a failure to bother responding to the request, get in the way and it’s back to sqaure one!  So yeah, just putting it out there to the masses.  We’ve got the wonderful The Last Battle and The Lotus Project down to play.  Suggestions for headliners please.  On a postcard.  And by postcard I mean in the comments box at the bottom of this article!  Remember it’s the birthday show, so I am looking for somebody to sell the gig.  Oh, and it’s Saturday 27th March….just in case you’re wondering.


11 thoughts on “Does Anyone Want to Headline March Trampoline???

  1. Erm, what about Mammoeth? I’m suggesting this for the greedy reason that I love their songs but, as yet, have been unable to see them?!!

  2. Dav – a very good suggestion as a starter. However, Mammoeth will be doing their album launch for us on 26th June – confirmed today! So i’d give them a body swerve for March as well. Also, Russell has to fly his sisters up from London to do shows so perhaps it’s a bit short notice. And his pop music might not sit that well with the other 2 artists. But a good opening suggestion all the same.

  3. I thought he was ace, JY did bugger all but I thought AC was class. I did get the impression that it was an entirely unprepared, winging it set but I enjoyed the slight chaos of it all.

  4. Yeah, heard JY was pointless. I dunno. I guess it was to your taste but not to my friends. I didn’t see it. So I can’t comment other than to say when I’ve seen him live he’s been brilliant.

  5. Where are you holding the party.
    Prob posted somewhere but having a not very bright day

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