Sometimes when you’re trawling the deep, dark and wonderful world of myspace you stumble across something that really makes your ears prick up. On one of my little forays into the mysterious world that is myspace – and I genuinely mean that, it’s becoming weirder and harder to navigate – I found these little gems called Timesbold.  Not sure where they are from to be honest.  It says Portland/New York.  I mean I’m pretty decent with my geography and I know that’s not close.  I thought having 2 guys from Dundee was a long way to come for practice but jeez that’s a long way to travel to play some songs!  Talk about commitment! 

So yeah, immediate thoughts turn to The Builders and the Butchers, The Felice Brothers, Deertick, Tom Waits possibly even Bonnie Prince Billy….that kind of ball park.  It’s pretty fucking great actually.  I actually swore, that’s how good it is!  Certainly, if you like your folksy americana then you’re going to love these guys.  And if you like Whip – I can recommend ‘Athiest Love Songs To God’ – then you might get onboard with this band cause frontman Jason Merritt is indeed Whip.  Not that this music is that reminiscent of his solo material.  In fact, from my experience it sounds miles apart.  This really is good good music though.  I’d really recommend that you go here and check these guys out asap.  You know that way when you just fall in love with something instantly.  I have that with these guys.  Maybe you will too.  Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Timesbold

  1. It’s great isn’t it. Listened to the first track and got well into it then worried that I’d hate the rest. But I loved it. Such a good feeling when it’s not just one good song! Glad you like it.

  2. i was expecting it to be more dark and pounding from the builders and the butchers/deertick comments but its really nice and plucky. lovely stuff. think the music is even bit iron and wine like.

  3. Yeah, guess you’re right. It does growl at times but is a lot more gentle than some of the stuff I mentioned. Guess I was just throwing it into that ball park. Glad you like it. Thought you might.

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