Bill Fay

So for my Christmas this year my mother in law bought me a years subscription to a magazine of my choice.  The options were not that great.  It really was a choice between soft porn such as FHM, Loaded etc and music.  I plumped for Uncut.  Despite my well known dislike for music magazines I do have to admit that Uncut is one magazine I always read when I was younger, so it seemed like the best bet.  At £4.50 it’s just not worth stumping up for each month, but as it’s being paid for I thought it would be the best of a bad bunch. 

Anyways, I started to read it the other night and I stumbled upon an article about Bill Fay, who I admit I knew nothing about whatsoever.  Or so I thought.  As I was reading through the article it started to explain that Wilco and Jim O’Rourke were both massive fans of this Englishman’s work.  It went further, explaining that in 2007 at Shepherd’s Bush Wilco invited Fay out on stage to sing with them on their rendition of his song ‘Be Not So Fearful’.  I read on for a bit before it struck me but I was at that show!  I saw that happen.  I was actually there to witness this artist perform on stage for the first time since the mid 1970’s.  At the time it really meant very little to me.  I didn’t know who Bill Fay was.  I didn’t know his music.  I didn’t realise he was considered a visionary or held in such esteem by some of my favourite musicians.  And so I want to share him with you now.  I witnessed a remarkable moment in UK music history at that show 3 years ago.  It’s weird that I’ll go and see Wilco again this year and I bought the tickets the day I read this article.  Felt like I was meant to find Bill Fay.  I’ve been listening to his stuff on myspace today and I’m really glad that I have.  Even if it’s 3 years later than it should have been.  Anyways, go check him out here.  I wonder if Wilco will bring out any Scottish legends at the Barras in September to do a cover.  I’ll be paying attention this time!  Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Bill Fay

  1. I binned my Uncut subscription recently as it is nowhere near as good as it used to be when I first started reading it. I’ve actually found Mojo to be more varied over the last year or so, though I currently only subscribe to Word, which is great, if a little “trendy dad”.

  2. Really? I always thought Uncut was good when I was younger. Though all these mags seem to recycle the same articles about the same artists year after year.

    “Trendy Dad” – do I fall into that category?!

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