The Japanese War Effort – I Will Leave You Now, And Two Loudspeakers Will Take My Place

There’s only one thing I don’t like about this record by The Japanese War Effort and it is that it’s not being released by mini50.  Seriously.  I would have given anything to put out this record such is my love of the work of The Japanese War Effort and James Scott’s other project Conquering Animal Sound.  I’m lucky that I’m getting to work with CAS but I really would have been up for this one too.  And having heard it I am even more gutted because this record is just great.  Really fucking great.  I swore again, so you know it’s great!

Early Japanese War Effort recordings showed a lot of real promise rather then complete cohesion and focus but 2 things happened which made me believe that this record could and would be amazing.  Firstly, Jamie submitted his track for the Best of Trampoline compilation and I was blown away by it.  Secondly, I saw him support Meursault at the Bowery and was once again blown away by the brilliance of his performance.  And then there’s this.  This is intilligent complex music.  If there’s such a thing as planning your songs to perfection then I reckon this is pretty close to it.  And who in the world has the balls to include a sample of the radio commentary of Ross Tokley being sent off for Inverness Caley against Falkirk last season in the match which saw Inverness Caley relegated??  It takes balls to use it.  It takes talent to make it work.  Actually, it takes balls to support Caley Thistle in the first place James! 

It’s weird listening to this cause if I’m honest, the weakest thing on the record is the vocal, but it works.  It works brilliantly.  And it’s massively improved from early recordings.  Everything is.  I genuinely am struggling to think of a bad thing to say about this.  It’s made my night.  I was walking around Asda doing my shopping listening to it and what had been a horrible thought before I left turned into an absolute pleasure. 

If you can check this record out then do.  He’s a real talent.  One of the most exciting in Edinburgh at the moment.  Not 1 but 2 brilliant projects on the go.  I hate talented people like James.  I really do!  Anyways, go and check out some of his brilliant tracks here.  Enjoy.


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