Artist Profile: Burnt Island

Rodge Glass is a critically acclaimed author.  His recent book about Scottish author Alasdair Gray won him all sorts of acclaim and also the distinguised Somerset Maughm Award for literature.  He’s a qualified doctor having gained his Phd for his work about Gray, which he submitted in a more academic fashion as part of his course.  He is also currently the Writer in Residence at Strathclyde University as well as teaching on the Undergraduate creative writing course at the University.

None of the above would suggest anything about him being a quality song writer would it?  And yet he is.  Horribly talented in fact if the new single ‘The Moments Before’ by Burnt Island available as a free download from Wiseblood Industries is anything to go by. 

It’s dark in tone and it’s just beautiful with lovely flute and viola adding to the wonderful lyrical content of his work.  It captured my full attention from the get go and I’ve been listening to it a lot since.  We’re lucky to be label mates with these guys and have a show with them on 26th March at the Roxy Art House to look forward to.  They seem to be getting a fair bit of attention in the Scottish music scene, which is great, and this single has really made me eager to here more.  Their debut mini album is currently being finished off at CHEM 19 so I shouldn’t have to wait long for more of this lovely, dark music  – I believe it’s to be released very soon actually.  Make sure you get your free download and check out all the other free goodies available at Wiseblood Industries website.  Enjoy.


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