Things That I Love Today #48

Very excited about this.  Neil is a star.  As is James.  I’m in musical royalty that night.


9 thoughts on “Things That I Love Today #48

  1. i wonder who thought that doing this(the kays lavelle) would make a difference? Is this the way we have to refer to the guys from the band?

    So i’m going to Homegame this weekend with Graeme Anderson (the Kays lavelle), doe that work?

  2. of course it makes a difference. just ask Graeme(the kays lavelle). we’ve got Ali from woodenbox doing a solo set at our glasgow album launch – and it’s advertised as woodenbox (solo set) cause people know who woodenbox are but may not know ali’s name. nobody knows who i am really. but they may know and like the band i’m in. though, they shouldn’t expect to hear kays tunes. it will be mainly solo stuff.

  3. i’m giving Bart (eagleowl) a lift also. and i’m looking forward to meeting up with people like Jonnie Common (jonnie common/inspector tapehead) and Matthew (song, by Toad)


    Tom (funny fucker)

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