Nest – Retold

This really is one of the most beautiful records that I have heard for quite some time.  It’s definitely ambient.  It’s definitely atmospheric.  It throws in elements of classical combined with lovely delicate electronica.  It’s filled with lovely little piano interludes.  Phrases.  Moments of real beauty.  It’s basically a narrative told predominantly on the piano with strings, field recordings and drones providing the backdrop.  There’s a really beautiful mix of light and dark on this record. 

For me, the ultimate way to enjoy this record would be with the lights down very, very low and a glass of red wine in hand.  This music is therapeutic for me.  It’s the music I want to turn on when I come home from a rough day or when I’m feeling at my lowest.  It relaxes me.  Takes the weight from my shoulders.  Brings me back to world ready for the next instalment of life.  I find that this kind of music can relax me more than any other kind and this record is simply sublime.  Don’t just take my word for it though.  Go and check Nest out here.  And make sure that you bring their wonderful music into your life.  You will not regret it.  Enjoy.


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