The First Rumours Of Spring.

So spring is just around the corner and with it comes some lovely musical news.  Firstly, Damien Jurado will be releasing a new album on 25th May entitled ‘Saint Bartlett.’  Jurado is in my opinion one of the most under rated musicians kicking about these days.  Some of his records are simply brilliant.  Some are close to brilliant.  None are ever bad and by the sounds of new track ‘Arkansas’ there won’t be a let up in the song writing standard on this record either.  Getting to see him live when he toured his last record was a treat.  Hopefully he’ll be back on our shores to promote this new record.  If he is then I highly recommend that you get yourself along to a show near you as you will not be disappointed.

Josh Ritter is also due to release a new album in May.  I love Josh Ritter.  I was lucky enough to see him twice.  Once at King Tuts and once at the old Edinburgh Venue.  On both occasions he was great.  And there is no other musician in the world I can think of who appears so genuinely excited to be playing live for an audience.  His warmth and appreciation is real and he really does seem like he himself cannot believe that he’s getting to tour the world and play his songs but he’s going to appreciate every second of it and soak it all in.  His new record entitled ‘So Runs The World Away’ will be released on 4th May.

The National also release their new record entitled ‘High Violet’ on 11th May through 4 AD.  This is probably my most highly anticipated record of 2010 and judging by the video I posted last week it’s definitely going to be one worth waiting for.  Following up a record as good as ‘Boxer’ was never going to be an easy task.  I cannot wait to hear just how they’ve tackled that task and what they’ve come up with.  Still one of the most interesting bands out there in my opinion.

Matthew Ryan, another highly under rated musician, just released his new record ‘Dear Lover’ the other week.  Ryan first came to my attention via an Uncut magazine compilation cd.  The song ‘Happy Hour’ resonated with me.  A whiskey soaked piece of bleak Americana.  His last album was nothing like that.  Very upbeat indeed.  But I will be checking out this new release just as soon as I get a chance.

Also on my radar is the fact that the wonderful Nils Frahm is playing the Captain’s Rest on 11th April. I don’t seem to have anything on that evening so I may well make the trip through to Glasgow to catch one of the most stunning piano players in action.  His record ‘The Bells’ is absolutely sublime.  I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who loves piano music.

And finally.  Olafur Arnalds releases his second full length record on Erased Tapes entitled ‘And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness.’  I’m not sure when this is due for release but you can listen to some of the tracks at the Erased Tapes website right now.  Me personally, I’m going to wait.  Cause I prefer to listen to records as a whole.  However, it’s so high on my things to buy its unreal.  He’s had such a massive impact on me as a musician since I first heard his work and I cannot wait to buy this record.


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