Euan McMeeken – Memorials.

Since I’m doing a solo show with Beneath Us, The Waves and The Japanese War Effort on 30th March at Wee Red Bar.  Thought it’d be nice to post this little bit of fun.  This is the title track from my forthcoming solo EP.    After Fraser and I recorded it, we decided it would be fun to just film me singing along to the piano I’d just recorded.  The click track was not on for it so, if you note me going out of time with the music that’s cause I was counting the timing in my head.  Those who have worked with me will know that more often than not the timing in my head changes from version to version!  Anyways, the songs are with Neil from Beneath Us, The Waves who is scoring strings at the moment.  He’s actually scoring strings for most of the EP.  Opening track ‘December’ has viola by Nicohla Kerr, bakcing vocals from Anneke Kampman of Conquering Animal Sound and guitar by Richard Knox of Glissando.  More info on it all as soon as I have more myself.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this track.


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