Take A Moment To Share An Artist You Love.

Why is it that artists like Elliott Smith, Vic Chesnutt and Mark Linkous never received the critical acclaim they deserved whilst they were on this planet and yet in the past few months endless articles have been written about the wonderful music they created and the great loss that their passing has resulted in?  I guess Nick Drake is the ultimate example of an artist more successful after his death than during his life having become a cult hero long after he passed away.  I think the same will happen with Smith, Chesnutt and Linkous, and whilst I think it’s great that these musicians music is celebrated, I also think it’s very sad that it takes their passing to bring us all together in this manner.  So here’s your chance.  In the comment box on this post, leave a message.  Tell me an artist that you love and that you want to share with everyone.  Tell me why you love them.  Tell me why you want people to know about them NOW.  They don’t have to be your favourite artist, just one that you feel people should check out.  The more obscure the better perhaps.  But you choose.   I’ll start:

I want everyone to check out Olafur Arnalds.  I owe his music so much.  His music has personally opened me to a new world of modern classical, ambient music.  His work has led me to the likes of Nest, Le Lendemain, Johann Johannsson, Max Richter, Library Tapes and Nils Frahm, to name a few.  Whilst he would not necessarily be my favourite of all those listed, he is the artist who made me think long and hard as to how I approached song writing.  He made me want to make my pieces simple.  Less complex.  More honest.  I started writing simplistic piano pieces. He basically shaped how I approach song writing.  He also made me reinvest in classical music and for that I will be forever grateful.  Eulogy For Evolution.  Buy it.  Enjoy it.  And make him a part of your world too.

Now it’s your turn.  Go on.  Please leave a message and bring somebody you love to our attention now.


19 thoughts on “Take A Moment To Share An Artist You Love.

  1. Vessels

    I didn’t want to go for a band that everyone immediately knew but this lot are starting to ripple waters.

    It was actually Phillip Quirie that first introduced me to this band and I actually owe him several pints because of the bands he has turned me onto.

    This band are one of the best things I have seen and heard in the last 20 or so years.

    They are exquisite and their musicianship is just mindblowing. The initial song that turned me onto them was ‘Two Words And A Gesture’ and for all that know this song when it his its crescendo it is one of the best feelings ever. They along with And So I Watch You From Afar have set a firm bar above a lot of acts particularly live. Live music for me is one of the most important things in my life now and no matter how shit things have been or if there is any negativity seeping through then when I am stood at a gig and bands like Vessels play before me then it makes every tear, every bit of anger, every negative emotion worth it and it reiterates that people should feel euphoria like this. Drugs do not have a look in.

    Listen to them on headphones and you will adore them but then witness them live and you will want to breath them all the time.

  2. Tyler Ramsey

    Part-time Band Of Horses member, full time beautiful country singer. His song ‘Long Dream’ gets me every time. Think Red House Painters mixed with, well, Band of Horses.

    Fang Island

    They mental, and going to be a huge live band. They are already pretty big. I interviewed them on my bloggy.

    The Embassy

    Swedish group who make sexy music with nice samples. Their album Tacking, is cracking. What?

    The Forest and The Trees

    Signed to my editor’s label. But I’d love them even if I wasn’t bias. Swedish, again.

    Yusuf Azak

    I just love the production, guys!

  3. I’d like to add The Montgolfier Brothers. My friend Fraser introduced me to their music through their album ‘All My Bad Thoughts’. Simply gorgeous.

    Yusuf Azak is a greay shout Ian.

    Halina – couldn’t agree more with your comments about Vessels live. Stunning band.

  4. Three Trapped Tigers

    I have only discoveredc these guys today but I can already tell they will be a regular part of my musical intake for some time to come.

    I was introduced to them by Wes from Fighterplanes on the way up to a Dundee gig we were doing together last night. I was instantly attracted to their blend of Warp-esque electronica and glitchy live drum insanity.

    They are playing Edinburgh at the end of next month (26th April 2010) and I will be there with bells on. I think you should all do the same as it is going to be a blinder!

    Check them out at…




    ps. If you like this then check out Barberos. Saw them at Henry’s and they literally blew my mind. Costumes + multiple drum kits = WIN!

  5. Brilliant idea.

    First that springs to mind is Adam Gnade. An amazing writer, whether in prose or on his incredible spoken word/musical experiments. Check out The Winter, Their Apartment on his myspace:


    Also, he just happens to be playing in Edinburgh on Tuesday night at Sneaky Pete’s with Youthmovies!

  6. To be fair, all three of those artists justly received their share of acclaim while they were alive. They just weren’t widely embraced to Phil Collins levels of ridiculousness. And who’d want that?

  7. Do you know how many people who know about music don’t know about Vic Chesnutt or have never heard is music?? It’s quite incredible and never ceased to amaze me.

    Anyways, just thought it was a nice idea to share other artists.

  8. Yeah, but surely that was part of his intrigue? He was a paraplegic crippled more by his demons than his disability. The fact his music is amazing is sometimes (sadly) a side-note to lazy journalists. This is perhaps why he never received the attention or recognition he deserved. His story was seen to be more intriguing that his music. Which is a bloody travesty.

  9. When you think about the Sweet Relief CD featuring people like Sparklehorse, REM and even Madonna covering his songs it makes you realise how rated he was by his peers. And yet these people had to make this cd to help pay for his disability. Fascinating musician who got better and better with each release. Sad times Ian.

  10. A brace from me.

    1. dEUS – deeply underrated, yet inventive, tuneful and humourous. Also shows there’s more to Belgium than waffles and bureaucracy.

    2. Bob Mould – will undoubtedly receive kudos for his work in two of my favourite bands, but his solo work is also of a consistently high standard, yet receives little attention!

  11. Todd Rundgren

    I’ve been listening to this Philly fella since the 71 and at 60 he can jump and do double kicks head high and never miss a lick on the G’tar.
    Plays every instrument under the sun and writes pop, rock, psychedelic, ballads, etc. etc. Pick your style and he has probably done it.
    Todd is god. Nuff said.

  12. Yusuf Azak

    saw a show in glasgow where he went on first brought friends along who payed a fiver each to get in then fucked off upstairs after he played even though fans of the other bands watched his set……

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