mini50 News Update.

It’s a very happy day for mini50 records.  We are delighted to announce that we will be involved in a split release, along with Leeds label Gizeh, of the absolutely sublime Conquering Animal Sound’s debut album.  This is set for release in September 2010.  I guess the truth is that CAS have signed to Gizeh but the album is a split release because I’ve wanted to work with these guys from the first moment I heard them and because Anneke and James from CAS, and Rich from Gizeh, were brilliant enough to keep us involved when Rich and his label came a knocking.  The opportunities and support that they will get from Gizeh will be far greater than anything I could offer them but it feels nice that, in this slightly fucked up world, there are still people who value support, no matter how little that might be.  James and Anneke stuck with me when they could have just ignored my interest and rolled with Gizeh solo.  And Rich was very kind and spoke to me about his keenness to sign the guys but keep me and Russell involved. 

For mini50 it’s a total win win situation.  Not only do we get to work with possibly the most exciting artists that I have come across in my 6 years in Edinburgh, but I also get to work with, and learn from, Rich.  The months leading up to this announcement have been really eye opening for me and I have learned a huge amount about how to run a label with style and grace.  I cannot place a value on the experience I am getting from working with and learning from Rich.  It’s been beneficial both for the label and for the Kays. 

 And it’s a very exciting time ahead for mini50.  Mammoeth’s album comes out on 28th June and then Conquering Animal Sound’s in September, which is very exciting indeed.  And CAS will be remixing a Mammoeth tune as well, which is also great news for Russell.  The Mammoeth album is sounding amazing and what I’ve heard of CAS so far is also stunning, so we’ll have 2 really great releases in 2010 and hopefully more will follow from that.

Anyways, I’m hoping we’ll have a few more announcements in the coming months regarding people signing to the label.

In the meantime, check out Conquering Animal Sound here.  And read more from Gizeh here and mini50 here.

Thanks and Enjoy.


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