Things That I Love Today #55

So what happens when the heart just stops
Stops caring for anyone
The hollow in your chest dries up
And you stop believing

So what happens when the heart gives up
But the body goes on living
The blood crawls to a slow and stops
And flows away

-The Frames


14 thoughts on “Things That I Love Today #55

  1. have you ever caught them live? i saw them at queens hall years ago not really knowing much about thek and they blew me away.

  2. I had the single of Picture Of Love by these guys years and years ago when it first came out.. I really loved the song – and the b-side; ‘Shake You’ – but for some reason I never followed up on it and never got more into the band.


  3. Well that’s kind of the same as me. My friend gave me the album with ‘What Happens When The Heart Just Stops’ and I fell head over heels in love with that song. The rest of the album never grabbed me though. I think their early stuff is really highly rated. Certainly by the folk I know from Ireland who put me onto them.

  4. Get used to it piano man, I’m guiding The Stormy Seas in a whole new S&M direction, you should see Michael’s new leather chaps. It’s a leather cap, spiky dog collar and posing pouch for Dav.

    Look I spoiled your blog.

  5. On the contrary my dear freaky fetish s&m loving banjo player. the only thing you have ruined is the reputation of the stormy seas. i will be interested to see what kind of audience you start to attract based on your posts above. maybe you should warn woodenbox that there will be a lot of leather in the audience on 22nd april??

  6. Michael, have you got any Frames stuff I can pinch?

    Euan, liking the 6music badge. Stylish.

    Dav, stop being a perv! 🙂

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