Hinterland and stuff

Photo by Lisa-Marie Ferla.

It’s been a pretty great Easter weekend. Graeme and Leigh got married yesterday and it really was one of the loveliest weddings.  I know people always say that but I’m not a big wedding person and I loved every second of it.  The Kays got a fair ribbing during the best mens speech, which was hilarious.  It was just really lovely to see Graeme so happy.  We fight like brothers when it comes to the music cause we’re both so passionate about it.  I couldn’t do the Kays without him though and I don’t think I’d want to either.  Yesterday, seeing him and Leigh so happy together was just magic.

Saturday the Kays played Hinterland.  About 5 minutes before we went on stage the Sub Club was pretty dead.  5 minutes into our set and it was mobbed.  I was stunned.  It was rammed and it was amazing.  Such a nice attentive crowd.  We had a total blast and I think we played a pretty good set.  Came home from the wedding this morning to find Last Year’s Girl had reviewed our show.  What amazing review it is too.  It left me speechless.  Thank you so much to her for supporting us and writing such lovely things about me and the band.  This past year has been amazing.  I don’t think many people knew who we were until the last 3 or 4 months.  Now we’ve been tagged ‘The most emotionally devastating band in Central Scotland’ which is one of the most wonderful compliments.  I’m honestly completely stunned.  So yeah, has been a lovely weekend.  I don’t really want it to end though.  That’s the only problem.

Oh and I’m listening to the new Jónsi record.  So all is well in life.  For now.


3 thoughts on “Hinterland and stuff

  1. glad to hear hinterland went well mate. have you noticed that jonsi does a really good californicatioon by kings of leon impression in the second song on the album?

  2. Hey man. Thanks. Yeah it was a good show. We’ll see if there’s any more feedback I guess.

    Just getting to grips with the Jonsi record. It’s a bit odd. Will give it some time.

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