Burnt Island – Music And Maths

I’ve read quite a few reviews of this record now.  I don’t really like to read reviews by others before I formulate my thoughts on a piece of music but it really was unavoidable in this instance as these guys have been getting a lot of press attention.  And the reviews I have read have been very positive indeed.  However, most of the reviews have had a tendency to focus primarily on the words of Rodge Glass rather than the music on offer.  I guess that’s inevitable given that the man is an award winning author.  There was always going to be an expectation that the lyrics would be wonderful and key.  Without wonderful music to accompany great lyrics though the words would surely be better off in a book of poetry?

Fortunately, Burnt Island deliver music not only to match the standard of the words but to perfectly compliment them and bring them to life.  I have to be honest and say that it wasn’t until about my 4th or 5th listen that I really paid much attention to the words such is a the wonderful dream like quality of the music on offer.  Opening track ‘A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again’ is a brilliant opening to this mini album the quiet, dark verse completely transformed by a soaring chorus with some lovely harmonies adding beautifully to the texture of the music.  This is actually something that most impressed me about them live and indeed on record.  They have 4 people willing to sing.  4 people with different voices and tones adding lovely texture to the music on offer.  And when Rodge and Amber Comerford sing together the real beauty of this music shines through.  Title track ‘Music and Maths’ is a gorgeous example of this though I think it’s highlighted best on stand out track ‘Man On Fire’.  When those 2 sing together I drift off into a very happy place.  When a female backing vocal is used in such a simple and beautiful way it takes a song from being something good to something brilliant in the blink of an eye.  This is an intelligent record and one that I am enjoying again and again.  Please check out Burnt Island here and buy their record here.  Enjoy.


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