The Week Ahead

So this week is actually a pretty quiet one for me.  Well, that is until the end of the week.  The first part of the week is very quiet and relaxed and then things get back to their mental best.  Actually, when I say this is going to be a quiet start, in blog terms, it won’t be as I have a fair few records to review and need to just get back on track with this I suppose.  There’s also the small matter of getting the record pressed and packaged which I need to sort out today.  Really need to pull my finger out on this but only just got back the mastered record.  Everything is good to go now though so it’s all systems go on this front.

Anyways, at the end of the week I am attending Tucker and the Scattered Family’s album launch at the Village in Leith.  Highly under rated and often over looked by the Edinburgh and Scottish music blogs, mags and papers, Andy Tucker was a Burnsong winner in 2009 and his new album “Twelve Tall Tales” is an excellent piece of Scottish country tinged folk.  If you can get along to this one then please do.  I think it’s a fiver to get in and you can expect some great stuff from Mr Tucker on Friday.  It’s a cosy little venue as well so it should be an enjoyable atmosphere and way to spend a Friday night.

Then on Saturday it’s the Meursault album launch at Cabaret Voltaire.  I have to admit I cannot wait for this record.  It’s been a long time coming and the previews I’ve heard from it are great.  It’s a double whammy though that night as well as mini50 signings Conquering Animal Sound are supporting and I cannot wait to see them live again.  I love those guys.  So it’s 2 of my favourite bands from Edinburgh sharing one stage and it’s going to be great.  I think doors for that will be 7pm as well.  Olympic Swimmers are also supporting and what I’ve heard of them has been very positive so far.  Do not miss this gig but if you do then make sure you get your hands on the new Meursault record and also check out mini50 and Gizeh pages for more info on CAS and their upcoming UK tour.

On Sunday, I’m heading through to Glasgow for some dark, minimal piano playing in the from of the wonderful Nils Frahm.  I cannot wait for this one either.  It’s going to be amazing.  His album ‘The Bells’ is packed with some of the most wonderful piano pieces I’ve heard in a long time.  The perfect way to end/start a week.

Then on Monday and Tuesday I’m off work recording with James from Conquering Animal Sound.  All in all, from Friday on the mayhem starts again.  I for one cannot wait.


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