Deathpodal – Exu_Wow

Firstly, I really really like this EP.  I think it’s fab.  From the art right through to the music, everything about it is interesting.  A lot of care and attention and love has gone into it’s production and I immediately love that.  I hold my hands up and say it is this EP’s art work that made me ask Lizzy Stewart to do the Kays album art.  I wanted to steal it.  I love it that much. Anyways, I new Lizzy’s work for Tracer Trails but it was this that made me want her to do our record.   So when I was contacted by Alastair Chivers aka Deathpodal about having a listen to this EP I was excited but worried that my love of the art would be far greater than my love of the music.  Something deep inside me told me that I would not be disappointed though.  And so it has turned out to be the case.

This is a fascinating work.  And I will call it a work because it feels like it all works together.  It’s well planned and beautifully sculpted.  It opens with an instrumental entitled ‘Robert’ with a dischordant echo of Mogwai, which is carried through to ‘Squirrell and the Fox’ which reminds me of Young Team Mogwai at times with some YIFI vocals for good measure.  In fact, early Y’all Is Fantasy Island would be a good reference point for anyone interested.  However, there’s much more to Deathpodal than this.  When the noise is cranked up it is cranked up big time but in an understated way.  It gets a bit thrashy if you like.  Which is ok with me.  I was brought up on Nirvana, Mudhoney, Quicksand and other thrashier bands.  So ‘Every Superstition Shall Be Removed’ feels good.  It feels like a nice change in pace but well in keeping with what’s gone before and what is to come after.  It goes back to quiet for ep finisher ‘There Is A Diagram For This’ before exploding to a climax brilliantly.  Personally, I think this EP is fucking great.  You should check ou Deathpodal here and judge for yourself.  Enjoy.


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