Over The Wall – Settle Down

The first time I came across Over the Wall was when I asked them to play Trampoline way back in January 2009.  They played with Meursault, if I remember correctly, and the cheeky chappies made the first and only unofficial Trampoline poster, which can still be seen on the walls of the Wee Red Bar to this day.  They played a blinding set of up tempo euphoric pop music and I looked forward with anticipation to more from them.  They once again graced Trampoline in January 2010 – I think exactly a year to the day from their first outing.  Sadly I was not in attendance and this single is one of the first things I’ve heard from them in a long time.

They are a 2 piece – Gaven Prentice and Ben Hillman – they have been playing anywhere and everywhere, getting their name out their and making a lot of important people stand up and pay attention.  And on the evidence of this single and it’s B-side it is completely understandable why. 

I must admit it took me a while to get in to single ‘Settle Down’.   I found it a bit of a slow burner, a bit of a grower a bit of a fighter.  Perhaps exactly like this pair themselves.  The more you play it, the more rewarding it becomes.  The more you hear them, the more you want to hear them.  It builds and grows and ends in a glorious swirl of voclas, backing vocals and trumpet.  It’s a winner that’s for sure.  Give it time and it will have you hooked.  Something that Over the Wall seem to be masters at.  The B-side ‘A History Of British Welfarism (1945- 1984)’  is equally compelling and engaging.  All in all, this is a top little release from an excellent band who have surely much more to offer and soon. 

This single was released on 7 inch vinyl and digital download on Monday 5th April on Motive Sounds Recordings.   It is Over the Wall’s second release on Motive Sounds following their debut EP ‘The Rise and Fall of Over the Wall’ and is taken from their forthcoming album ‘Treacherous’ due in the summer.

You can check out Over The Wall here.  Please do.  Enjoy.


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