Ten Times Released On 19th April

So the new single by The Kays Lavelle entitled ‘Ten Times’ will be released on Monday 19th April – this coming Monday – as a free digital download.  However, not only will you be able to download the album track for free but you will also have the added bonus of downloading a remix of the track by The Japanese War Effort.  Both these tracks will be available from Wiseblood Industries website or from our very own myspace page.  I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy some more free music.  And thanks for supporting The Kays if you do.  The cover art for the digital release was done by Shonagh Massie – massive thank you to her for her time and effort.

Please remember that our debut record ‘Be Still This Gentle Morning’ will be released through Wiseblood Industries on Monday 17th May.    We are launching the record at two shows.  The first takes place in Glasgow at Stereo on Friday 7th May.  The second is in Edinburgh at the Wee Red Bar on Saturday 8th May.  Tickets are available for both shows at We Got Tickets and cost £5.  You can pay on the door but pre-ordering is a big help to the band.  Either way I hope to see a load of you there over the two nights.