eagleowl – Into The Fold

Is this a new EP?  Well, it’s a new release for sure but the songs are old for the most part.  For as long as I have known Bart he’s been playing ‘Into The Fold’.  Around about the time of ‘For The Thoughts You Never Had’ the songs from this EP sort of just disappeared from the eagleowl live set.  When I first saw them, a live set consisted pretty much of 3 songs, such were the length of their tunes.  Into The Fold was one of these songs.  Morpheus also got a lot of live airings, Bart sitting and playing a glock instead of a guitar.  It was a lovely change of pace in a set and it’s a lovely change of pace on this record too.  I could say that eagleowl just get better and better, but that would be wrong in this instance due to the age of some of these tracks.  I mean, we’re talking 4 or 5 years old in some cases, I think.  I might be wrong.  Perhaps they do get better and better, but this record will hopefully hit home that they have ALWAYS been this good.

This record is a true testament to songs developing and maturing over time.  To artists learning how to play the songs.  To make them breathe.  I guess they didn’t feel right for a first release.  I don’t know.  However, they are simply beautiful pieces of music.  In particular EP finisher ‘No Conjunction’.  The violin melody at the end of this track is just heavenly.  I am pretty sure it’s another track from the eagleowl archives.  It just shows how good these guys are and have been for so long.  They deserve all the success and attention they get.  They deserved it at the time they wrote these songs.  I am so glad they are out there in the public domain now.  This is the eagleowl I fell in love with all those years ago in the Wee Red Bar.  Simply beautiful.  No other word will do.  Please make sure you check out eagleowl here and buy the new EP.  Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “eagleowl – Into The Fold

  1. Have (legally and morally) obtained the EP, it is lovely and sounds just like I remember them sounding the first time I heard them.

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