Invisible Elephant – The Lights Go Out

Sonic Reverie is a blog I found after Chris, who runs it, reviewed ‘The Hours’ by The Kays Lavelle.  Since I discovered it I have become a regular reader and follower of the blog.  This is mainly because Chris has a very, very good taste in music and writes about some really interesting and exciting artists, many of whom are new to me.  So, it was with real interest that this little number arrived in my inbox.  Basically, Chris is going to be re-releasing this record as a limited edition in May – more on that later.  I think it’s only available to download at the moment through the artists bandcamp page but it is a free download and having listened to it a number of times now, I would highly recommend that you go and download this record immediately.

I must admit that the name Invisible Elephant didn’t do much to fill me with confidence in the music I was about to listen to but if ever there was an advert for not judging an artist by their name then this is it.  This is just great.    It’s described as:

the project of one man and his assortment of randomly acquired instruments, ranging from frog guiros to pre-school toy drum kits. These are melded together with found sounds, synthesizers and spectral vocals to create a dream-like wash of psychedelic noise which defies simple categorisation. Veering from ethereal softly-spoken psych folk to walls of monolithic feedback in a heartbeat, it’s difficult to pin the sound down to one genre.

I have to be honest and say I couldn’t describe it better if I tried!  So I won’t try.  What I will say is that this record is a fine balancing act of delicacy and ferocity.  The vocals add a lovely dreamy texture to the more shoegazey moments before some of the tunes assault the sense with some serious noise attacks.  If you like the likes of Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky and Sigur Ros then I think  you’ll love this.  That’s not to say it sounds anything like these bands, cause it doesn’t.  It has it’s own identity and very well crafted take on ambient/noise music.  Don’t mess around, go and check this young man from Blackpool out now.  Maybe if we all buy the record we can help him get out of Blackpool??  Only joking!

You really should check out this record here and if you are really interested Chris will be releasing this, I’m assuming through his blog,  on 10th May.   It will still be free download from the bandcamp site but there will be a limited run of 50 homemade, hand numbered cdrs which will come with 2 bonus tracks and an extended edition of Wind Up Bird (these won’t be for the people downloading it free).  In the meantime.  Enjoy.


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