Mammoeth – Nascent

I feel like a doting father this morning for the second time.  This time the subject in hand is not my son Roddy but my new baby, the debut record by Mammoeth.  Russell gave me a physical copy of the record last night and it’s beautiful.  It really, really is.  And there in all its glory it states “mini50 records – M5001.”   Our name and our first catalogue number.  I am really rather stupidly excited about this.  I’m such a nerd!  It kind of feels like we’re no longer just talking about being a record label, we are a record label.  We have a record to sell.  Well, not to sell quite yet, but soon. 

And what a great record it is too.  I think a lot of people are going to like this record, and being released in the summer is just perfect timing for this lovely piece of, what Russell describes as, “sour pop”.   I really hope this gets Russell the credit he deserves as a songwriter and as a musician.  Not many instruments on the record are not played by the man himself, which is no mean feat.  It’s a delicious slice of summer pop and I think a lot of people are going to really like this record.  Sure, a bit like the Kays, Mammoeth might not fit the “folk” bracket, which is predominant in Edinburgh.  But I guarantee that this record is going to impress far and wide.  I cannot wait for its release, which is now looking like July to coincide with Russell being able to play some live shows.  Anyways, in the meantime, check Mammoeth out – and download the whole record – here.  I am going to spend some time with my new baby this morning.  Then I’m going to pick up my real baby later on.  You guys have a great weekend and enjoy Mammoeth.


4 thoughts on “Mammoeth – Nascent

  1. Sounds promising, may this be the first of many albums to come from mini50.

    I quite like the packshot, by the way.

    I tried to give it a listen on the Bandcamp website but it doesn’t seem to be working; is it not available to stream or is it a problem on my end?


  2. Hi Mark. I will take a look into what is going on with bandcamp. You can always check out the myspace page in the meantime which has a few album tracks up. Next up on mini50 is Conquering Animal Sound but got a few more in the pipeline as well. We shall see.

    The art is lovely isn’t it. It’s by a guy called Andrew Bannecker. It’s very in keeping with the music that’s for sure.

  3. If it is of any use, the problem with bandcamp is that 1) I’m unable to stream any of the songs. The play button is there but nothing happens upon clicking it; 2) the download/purchase link is inactive. Furthermore, it states that the album has “0” tracks. Hope that can be of any help to narrow the problem down.

    As for Mammoeth, I had a listen on the Myspace page as you suggested, and I must say it was a very pleasant surprise. I really like the easy-listening melodies, that however do not get repetitive nor sound just like any other pop-ish band out there. The vocals are also quite lovely, and that mix of pop and folk makes for a really enjoyable and fresh listen.

    When possible I’ll be more than happy to give the whole album a listen for a more informed opinion, but so far I think that this album shows a lot of promise and should do fairly well; one listen was enough to get me hooked 🙂

    Also, hearing that CAS is in the pipeline sounds like great, great news. I am starting to feel very interested about mini50! 🙂

  4. Thanks Mark. I’ll have a word with Russell about his page and see what the problem is. Hopefully get that fixed for you soon.

    Glad you like the music. It is undoubtedly pop music but I agree with you completely that he doesn’t sound too much like anything going on. I think he nods to his influences without ever doing something that’s done before. And the mix of folk and pop together really is what makes this record so appealing. There’s some stunning tracks on it. I’m very proud for it to be going out on mini50

    CAS album is also sounding pretty magic. I love those guys and they really have produced a pretty great record to date – not all tracks are finished but what I’ve heard is spot on.

    Thanks for your interest in mini50. We’re getting there. I think the 2 of us have quite differing tastes in music so I would imagine the mix of artists we work with will stop it being all samey samey. Have a few others in the pipeline. Lets see how Mammoeth and CAS do though first!


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