When All Is Quiet

Ever feel like you take on too much?  Like you never seem to have a moment to stop and think?  That things get missed because you’re doing a million things at once and trying to hold down a full time job!?  Welcome to my world, where things just never seem to pause and my brain is working at a million miles a minute to try and remember all the things I have on the go.  Obviously there’s The Kays Lavelle.  We have the album launch shows coming up on 7th and 8th May – you can buy tickets now from we got tickets and we’d be grateful if you did as it makes the whole thing so much less stressful knowing that people are coming.  Ask anyone who promotes shows, knowing that tickets are being sold is a weight of any promoters mind.  People always say “don’t worry, people will come and pay on the door on the night”.  Thing is, a big promoter would cancel a show or move the show to a smaller venue if tickets were not selling.  We don’t have that luxury.  Once it’s booked it’s booked.  So yes, please do come along to Stereo in Glasgow on 7th or Wee Red in Edinburgh on 8th.  And if you can, pre-order your ticket now.  The album itself will be officially released on 17th May on Wiseblood Industries.  Probably the week before as a digital release.  Not sure yet how that will work.  We’ll see.  I’m very excited but also very nervous about the shows as the volcano fucked with our order and I’m now anxiously awaiting confirmation that the cds will be shipped on time.  It looks positive at the moment, but fingers crossed that the volcano behaves between now and then!

Outside of The Kays, I have a number of music projects on the go.  My solo EP entitled ‘Memorials’ will be released at some point this year.  Still working on the tunes.  It’s a much simpler affair than the Kays and, dare I say, bleaker too!  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time though and I’m enjoying working alone.  I think it’s going to be 4 tracks, maybe a bonus 5th one and it will be released digitally on Too Many Fireworks later this year.  I am however planning on making about 100 copies on cd to sell at shows and to people who are really keen to have the physical product.  Most likely these will be hand made and numbered limited edition.

I have two more music projects on the go as well.  One is with Heidi of We Sink Ships.  She took four sets of pictures for me and I’ve been working on interpreting them through music.  It’s very hard work but I am getting there slowly.  I have one of the tunes finished, which I am very happy with.  It’s a bit out of my comfort zone because it’s instrumental and has no vocals but it’s a lot of fun just sitting and trying to make these ideas come together without a vocal melody.

The other project I have on the go is with Chantal from Sleepingdog.  We don’t have a name for the project as yet but we’re working on writing songs together.  I write some and e-mail them to her.  She writes some and e-mails them to me.  When she is over touring in June and we are hoping to get the tracks recorded properly then – we shall see.  It’s been a lot of fun so far.  I think the tracks we’ve sent each other are sounding very positive.  So keep an eye out for something later this year or early next.  I’m thinking it will be a mini50 release.  But I’m not sure as yet.  Just enjoying the process for now.

Trampoline is kind of winding down.  I just cannot afford to keep the nights going on a monthly basis, so I’ve decided to stop the monthly shows for now.  We still have Conquering Animal Sound, Dead Boy Robotics and Adam Stafford on 15th May and Sleepingdog and myself on 2nd June but other than that, and the Xmas all day event, there’s no plans for running shows.  I think from now on we will react to opportunities rather than run a monthly night, which was becoming stressful and more and more difficult to keep interesting.   It makes more sense to me that we run Trampoline in this way.  That’s the plans anyway.

mini50 wise, things are really just beginning.  We have ‘The Best of Trampoline Volume 1’ ready now – well nearly, Russell is still to give me his bloody song!  Mammoeth’s record entitled ‘Nascent’ is due for release in June/July and then Conquering Animal Sound’s record will be out in August/September.  There are a number of other potential artists I want to get involved with but I think I’m going to hold off and see how these 2 albums get on.  I personally think both artists are great and the albums are sounding fantastic.  Keep and eye out at the mini50 page for more news.

The Smith/Chesnutt/Linkous tribute is coming together now.  We’re got 7 or 8 submissions and I expect another 7 or 8 before the posts start to go up on the blog.  I think it’s going to be pretty great and I hope people get behind it and buy the tracks to support the charity.  If you don’t know, the charity I have chosen to donate all the proceeds too is Depression Alliance UK.  I’m hopeful that the tunes will start to go up in the first week of May – though I have a pretty hectic week that week with the Kays launches so I am thinking the week beginning 9th May will be when the tunes and posts start to go up.  Thanks to all who have submitted so far.  There is still time if you want to send a tune.  I’m happy to accept contributions up to the date we start.

I have also been asked by Ed Stack to put a bundle together for Ten Tracks.  I am trying to organise this now – it’s not that easy!  Anyways, the idea being that I really want to put together a bundle of ambient, noise, drone and neo-classical music.  I really want to push some fantastic artists on people and use Ten Tracks as a means of getting some pretty great music, which is perhaps not as popular in Scotland, out to the masses.  That’s the aim anyways!

So I think that’s everything.  Though I could be wrong.  I will check my diary when I get home to make sure!


4 thoughts on “When All Is Quiet

  1. Doesn’t look like you’re gonna have a lot of free-time for yourself in the following months! But these are all great projects you’re working on, so I’m sure even though you’ll be busy, you’ll be enjoying every minute of it (possibly; hopefully).

    Wish you all the best for the Kays gigs, you should have those places packed if justice is served. Personally I’d love to be present but I will be overseas during those dates, so maybe next time.

    I’m recommending the Kays to all the people I know whom I think would enjoy your music, and so far everybody’s thanking me for it, Ten Times seems to be a big favourite among the crowd 🙂

    The other day while chatting with someone I found out about your forthcoming solo effort and I’m fairly curious to hear what it sounds like.

    As for Sleepingdog, I’ll admit I didn’t know her before I read about her in your blog, and after checking out her Myspace I quite like her music, and makes me all the more interested to see what you two will come up with.

    You definitely have a lot on your plate! So much so that it makes it hard to comment on everything 😛

    Well, let’s leave it at that, and I look forward to that Ten Tracks bundle, as I love those genres you listed.


  2. MJ – sorry, I forgot we have the video to do. For anyone interested that’s going to take the form of some informal Kays live recordings and then a walk about Leith. MJ is a top film maker.

    Mark – Thanks for spreading the word! I do appreciated it. I am sorry you won’t be able to make the Kays shows this time around. We are doing a UK tour though in October – details of which are on our myspace page.

    Solo ep is pretty bleak and very minimal. It’s just piano, voice and strings really. Hopefully out later on this year.

    Sleepingdog’s album Polar Life is well worth checking out and I’m hoping that what we create together will be something pretty great. It’s just an idea we had to work together after a good chat about dEUS. So let’s just see what happens. Early ideas are sounding good though I think.

    I’m crazy busy really. But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    Thanks again for your support.

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