David Wenngren – Sleepless Nights

I was very fortunate to recently have the opportunity to play a show with David Wenngren better known under the moniker Library Tapes.  I cannot quite figure out how this is a solo piece, after all, Library Tapes is basically him on his own as well.  So I’m not sure whether to call this a solo piece or just David coming out from behind his Library Tapes persona and opening himself up to the world.  Whatever the reasoning behind the decision the music on this record is as simplistically stunning as anything I’ve heard before by him.

Lets face facts.  This kind of thing is not for everyone.  I could see the look of confusion on many peoples faces at his recent Edinburgh show.  It’s not really Scottish music, or at least it doesn’t seem to fit with what’s popular in this country.  Noise tracks complimented by fragmented piano playing.  It’s perhaps hard for people to get their heads around.  Where are the tunes?  It’s all just fragmented, discordant and at times a little grating.  To me though it’s nothing short of gorgeous.  Some of the little piano motifs are just wonderful.  The way that the strings drift in and the piano just flickers underneath is so affecting.   The way that the crackles and hiss and field recordings compliment the sparse piano lines is just great.  David Wenngren proves once again with this record that he is a master of his craft, whether he calls himself by his real name or his alias.

One thing I have really noticed of late is how this type of music, which was once considered to be a specialist sort of genre, is crossing over to the mainstream.  It’s something I discussed with Nils Frahm and with David himself after his show at the Bowery.  More people seem to be getting into this stuff, which is great news for me as it means I’ll be able to see people like David live more often.  In the meantime, check out David’s work here.  Enjoy.