Anna Rose Carter

There’s not much I can say about Anna Rose Carter that her music doesn’t say for me.  Stunning piano tales that sink deep into your soul with such warmth and beauty.  These tunes could dry up the rain this Saturday morning.   ‘Silver Lines’ is as beautiful a piano piece as I have heard for a long time, by anyone in the classical revival.  I want to turn it up full blast and let it echo around the whole of the flat.  I want it to disturb my neighbours, wake them up from their Friday night drunkenness and clear away their hangovers.  I want to climb on to the roof of my building with some very large speakers and blast this tune for the whole of Leith to hear.  Such is its beauty.  It’s Einaudi in influence, without a shadow of a doubt, but it speaks on its own terms as a stunning piece of piano composition.    This is not a review of her new record though, no, it’s merely an introduction to the work of a stunning up and coming young musician.  One who deserves a lot more attention.

I cannot really take credit for this find though.  I found her myself through Sonic Reverie, a wonderful blog written by a lovely chap called Chris.  I have become an avid reader of his blog and have found some amazing music thanks to him.  Its thanks to him that I found Anna Rose Carter and got in touch with her and that she will be contributing a track to the Ten Tracks bundle I am currently piecing together.  Please, please, please go here and check out her work.  It really is simply beautiful.  Her new EP ‘Silver Lines’ is available now here.  Enjoy.


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